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what do i feed my kids as they all have different tastes?

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shutupaboutstarwars Sun 26-May-13 01:33:09

help. trying to find recipes that all 3 of my children will eat.
DD would live off sausages if we let her, likes spicy food, olives, pickled onions, salami (sometimes I don't think she can actually be mine!)
DS1 is autistic, doesn't like spicy food. not keen on meat unless it is chicken. doesn't like things in sauces. at times we have thought he is close to vomiting if eats something with a texture he doesn't like. won't eat toast. can't have things touching on the plate. borderline anaemic and we have trouble getting iron rich food into him
DS2 also not keen on meat, some meals he will eat more than I can, other meals he just isn't bothered.
what suggestions does anyone have other than pizza? getting fed up with food left on plates from at least 1 child every meal time
telling them that they will go to bed hungry if they don't eat doesn't work, they just go to bed hungry and make a fuss.

Greenandcabbagelooking Sun 26-May-13 08:35:49

Chicken curry, with a portion of chicken without sauce for DS1, with rice.

Kebabs with various meat/veg, they each choose what they want.

Same with fajitas, plain chicken or beef again for DS1.

Meatballs made with turkey mince, you could tell him it's chicken! With tomato sauce and spaghetti.

Chicken sausages, mash and veg.

eslteacher Sun 26-May-13 10:27:16

Plain risotto, with little bowls of mushrooms / chicken / cut up sausages that the kids can mix in on the plate?

Jacket potatoes, again with different toppings available? Could sometimes do baked sweet potato to mix things up a bit?

It seems like vegetarian recipes would be a good idea, but all the ones I can think of are in sauces. Hopefully someone else will be along with more ideas.

Downfall Mon 27-May-13 15:04:46

Would they eat soup? Red lentil soup would be a good option, blend it completely smooth, bung in a tin of Heinz tomato soup if they like it for that familiar taste as they get used to it.

Roast chicken once a week, then left overs tapas night, so dd gets her olives etc, and DS1 can arrange what he likes best best on his plate. you could do patatas bravas as just ordinary fried left over potatoes, with a dish of spicy sauce on the side.

'Vegetarian' meat style nuggets are handy for the freezer and don't need a sauce. Veggie sausages, meatballs and burgers are also a good lower fat alternative.

Iron wise, dried apricots are sneaky source, and vit c helps absorbtion, so give fresh juice with the meal.

I would probably work on dd and DS2 to get some consensus on quick easy family meals such as bolognaise, veg curry, etc, and concentrate on making separate for DS1 where you have to.

Willowisp Mon 27-May-13 20:13:42

What about not letting them snack ( not sure how old they are but as 1/2 term a good opportunity)

Cook the same meal, but serve it differently, so spice addict can have some dried chillies (see what's shes made off !) on the side (my dd does this)

Ds1 can have his meal on separate 'corners' of his plate (dd2 likes curry & rice to be separate, same for beans on toast or jacket potatoes. For meat balls & bolognese I put thr sauce very close to the pasta. With salmon & pesto pasta, that's also separate.

Ds2 can have his meat cut into tiny pieces ? I imagine, like my girls, he doesn't like chewing ? So maybe meals made with mince or meats that youve put through a food processor like meat balls (chicken, turkey, pork, lamb, beef...I do them all!)

You can't be cooking 4 meals, it's ridiculous !

flanbase Mon 27-May-13 20:21:04

Your ds1 has special nutrition needs so I would focus on this. If he'll eat pizza then you could make a veg rich sauce and blend it and then use as a pizza topping. Do they like pasta as this can be done with the same veg rich sauce for those who will have this with chicken for your ds1 & some sauce to dunk it in if he'll try this. Salads are good with bread and nice with cheese. Iron rich foods your ds1 might like are dried apricots and breakfast cereals (check on sugar though)

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