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Quick lazy dinner ideas needed please :)

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VirtualAssistant2011 Fri 25-Jan-13 15:47:31

Hi there

I have a DP, a 3 year old and am pregnant with DC2. I work freelance in the mornings and evenings and my DP works very long hours. I am starting to feel exhausted from pregnancy especially as my DD still does not sleep through the night sad

I usually cook from recipe books from scratch but have totally lost all motivation for cooking as I am so tired. I have resorted to takeaways this week but this cannot be a long term solution for us.

I am looking for some quick meal solutions, I have had a search through old threads and have come up with the following but would love suggestions for more:

Egg, chips and peas
Hotdogs, chips and beans
Frozen pizza
Pasta and pesto
Jacket potatoes

Also DP is on a diet so I would need to adapt his so they are not too fattening for him, I have no idea how I would do that with the above!

CaramelBobbi Tue 29-Jan-13 18:24:02

Tip a bag of prewashed spinach leaves in a casserole dish. Place salmon fillets on top (skinside up to make skin easier to remove at end). Spoon over jar of pesto. Chuck in 1 tablespoon water. Put lid on dish and stick in oven for 20 mins. Salmon will cook through and spinach and pesto will mulch into a sauce.

Cook some pasta.

Remove skin from fish. Stir pasta into casserole dish. Ta-da!!! Delicious and reasonably healthy - even my v v picky boring-eater child loves this.

Shellington Fri 01-Feb-13 11:51:08

Caramel that sounds lovely! Is it baby spinach leaves you use?

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