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food for dairy/soy intolerance

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namesarehardtochoose Tue 04-Dec-12 11:01:25


Are men allowed to gatecrash this forum?

Our breastfed baby has a intolerance to diary/soy; which given my wife's love of cheese, is not a huge amount of fun for her! I was hoping to tap the collective wisdom of Mumsnet to ask for ideas for nice/posh/fun foods for somebody who can't eat any dairy/soy. I was going to get her a few things for her Christmas present. Any ideas or suggestions would be very gratefully received because google is letting me down.

Many thanks

WillowinGloves Tue 04-Dec-12 12:48:38

Hi -
Have to admit you are flummoxing me because of it being dairy AND soy! Can do lots of dairy-free suggestions but some will have soy - eg. you have to look for good quality dark chocolate to get dairy-free chocolate that is worth eating, but having just checked my Hotel Chocolat packet, it does have soy. But check them out online. Also Chococo who have a dairy free selection. There is simply no substitute for cheese! My DD is lucky in that she can tolerate a little goat/sheep cheese, as the intolerance is cow's milk only - but your post suggests it's all dairy products?
Only solution maybe is simply to steer away totally from what she can't have - look for savouries (I'm thinking Italian deli antipasti style).
You could also win her heart by baking for her - track down a Hale & Hearty chocolate cake mix (Waitrose/Ocado online probably though I get mine from the local Co-op!). They are fantastic and no one believes they are both gluten and dairy (and soy - just checked) free. Buy some Pure sunflower margerine (you also need 4 eggs) and it takes five minutes to whizz up. Then if you can find dairy/soy free chocolate, use the rest of your Pure sunflower to make chocolate 'buttercream' icing. I have just made one - as I do regularly!
Finally, try Allergy UK - and there are some v. good cookbooks around. At least if she only has the problem while she's feeding, she can enjoy herself with a special trip to a cheese shop to console herself when she finishes!
Happy Christmas. smile

OrangeforDd Tue 04-Dec-12 13:10:53

Hi, if you go over to the Allergies section here on Mumsnet, under Topics, Health, Allergies, there is lots of collective wisdom that should be able to point you in the right direction. Also in older threads in that section There are lots of nice treats that are dairy and soy free, but probably no cheese! smile

ppeatfruit Tue 04-Dec-12 14:49:48

I make a lovely dip with tahini, garlic or onion olive oil, lemon juice and avocado, .Tahini is a brilliant 'instead of butter' in pastry or anything really. Rice milk is a good milk substitute too or almond milk but only if you make it yrself {the bought stuff is very expensive and never tastes nice!),

I also use olive oil on my toast or ryvitas it's very nice and better for you!

multipoodles Tue 04-Dec-12 15:17:01

I'm vegan and my daughter is putting together a sweet hamper for me for Christmas. Lidl 70% + dark chocolate, they do a new one with orange crystals and it's scrummy, sugared almonds, turkish delight, immerial mints, tesco mint thins (vegan but after eight aren't) love hearts, rhubarb & custard sweets, pear drops, pinneapple cubes, haribo strawberries and liquorice. There is more stuff but I'm not allowed to see them as they're suprises. I know these are not luxury or posh but when most sweets are out of bounds then it is luxury to me!

ppeatfruit Tue 04-Dec-12 15:28:42

I like the sound of immerial mints where do I get them??grin grin

applecrumple Tue 04-Dec-12 15:35:06

Hi I'm dairy free too because of my dd's reflux & going dairy free has really helped. There are lots of milk substitutes out there that also don't contain soy. Alpro do a hazelnut milk & an almond milk- hazelnut is nice in coffee. Ocado do a coconut milk yoghurt that doesn't contain milk or soy. Aldi do Stollen that doesn't contain dairy or soy. Also check out the Freefrom section in sainsburys

applecrumple Tue 04-Dec-12 15:37:23

As for chocolate - green & blacks cocoa powder is fantastic - you could make dw a hot chocolate with that & hazelnut milk

ppeatfruit Tue 04-Dec-12 17:38:29

You have to read the label on G & B's choc. and cocoa 'cos they 'WERE' putting milk in it. applecrumple I haven't tried Alpro's hazelnut milk is it nice in coffee or porridge?

applecrumple Tue 04-Dec-12 17:52:12

ppeatfruit really? Milk? Ill have to check that. As for the hazelnut milk, first time I tried it in coffee I was a hmmm about it but it has grown on me. In porridge I made the mistake of making it with the milk & it was just too overpowering. Now I make porridge with water & then stir in the milk at the end with honey & it's lovely. Also goes really well with granola & crunchy nut cornflakes.

javotte Tue 04-Dec-12 19:57:18

Following with interest. I'm dairy-free too because DD is intolerant to cow's milk protein.
<Thinks of cheese and sobs>

DorisIsWaiting Tue 04-Dec-12 20:22:50

DD is dairy and soya intolerant.

Chocolate is great but you need to be careful as most chocolate (especially posh chocolate) is made with soya lecthins to help solidify the chocolate. For the best ever chocolate truffles (and I'm back to eating dairy now) try booja booja

Moo free does a dairy /soya free chocolate.

DD has oatmilk on her cereals etc

For a maybe go down the greek tapas route with olives and houmous, and cripsbreads/ cracker biscuits. If she eats meat some salami or proscutto etc. May be some posh crisps (check for milk as they often add it).

Maybe make somethings from scratch bread is often a nightmare as it has either milk powder or soya flour in it .DH is now a pro bread maker but we also buy the longlife semi cooked baguttes and rolls from tesco or lidl.

Lidl; is a surprisingly good shop for dairy and soya intolerance.

Good Luck

DorisIsWaiting Tue 04-Dec-12 20:24:30

Oh and we bought an american cookbook to make some uncheese.....

[fenvy} Never never ever again!

scissy Tue 04-Dec-12 22:56:41

ppeatfruit - re: G&B's about dairy. Apparently the reason they now say "Contains/may contain milk" even if it's not listed on the ingredients is because of the way they clean their machinary means they can't guarantee that all traces of milk have been flushed out before making a batch of dark chocolate. This is due to a change in their manufacturing methods. The statement about it was on their website (at least it was a couple of years ago when I read it). Bit of a moot point in OP's case as I think they all contain soya anyway.

ppeatfruit Wed 05-Dec-12 08:13:12

Thanksapple grin I'll try it if I see it.

I don't really buy G &B since the takeover but noticed there is now no milk in the plain one (or even a machinery warning) but`I've never noticed soya in it scissy . I'm willing to be corrected though smile

missalien Wed 05-Dec-12 08:26:15

Montezumas orange and geranium is the most amazing chocolate ! I'd say be wary as it may well turn out to be an egg intolerance too as the proteins ate very similar , this is what has happened to my son and it took months of angst to get to the bottom of it and no one had explained it to me .,

Egg replacement powder is great in cakes etc . Waitrose do the best soy free bread called white and wheat or something it's lovely . Fresh pizzas bases in the bread machine can't be beaten!

WillowinGloves Wed 05-Dec-12 22:31:16

Oh yes, Doris - booja booja is gorgeous. But so expensive! My DD always has some for Christmas/birthday pressies.
And yes, G&B first had no milk, then did, now doesn't again in some of the flavours, just the machinery warning! I spend a lot of time peering at labels in supermarkets! Divine is good if you need to be dairy-free but not soy-free.

missalien Sat 08-Dec-12 20:59:51

I think all the booja ones had soya in though, that's the only problem with chocolate!

DorisIsWaiting Tue 11-Dec-12 17:04:19

Missalien 2 of the booja booja range are soya free! it's on their website...

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