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Healthy Eating

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SEG123 Thu 01-Nov-12 23:09:40

Since having my second baby I really want to get me back - healthy and slim! You would think this would be easy?!? I get the exercise part - 20 mins a day - that sounds reasonable enough but when it comes to healthy eat I'm so confused and angry.

I have read a few books that completely contradict each other. There are so many books about what we should and shouldn't eat but they are all different. Some theories say that meat, eggs, fish, cow's milk is a no no and being a vegan is the best option. Others say you need protein to keep you full and stop being hungry in between meals (lean meat, fish, egg, full fat yoghurt and milk). Some say you should have 3 meals a day and others say you should graze and only eat when you are hungry.

I recently found out by all of them that low fat, low sugar, low anything is also a no no as the manufacturers fill the food with a load of bad stuff to make the food taste as good as the full fat version. They are full of calories and terrible chemicals that are bad for us.

I've cut out crisps, chocolate, cake, snacks and eat a shed load of green veg. I have changed from white to wholemeal bread, brown rice/pasta and sweet potatoes (white ones are bad.. or maybe not depending on the theory) and lost loads of weight but I'm still eating fish, eggs, full fat yoghurt. I have switched for cows milk to almond milk (cows aren't naturally meant to feed us - it's for their calves to become massive cows). Am I getting enough protein, iron, potassium, calcium, carbohydrate and anything else our bodies need???

Apparently doctors aren't taught about nutrition during the 7 years of study - seriously!!! Why are doctors going for operations rather than putting people on a well-balanced diet. I've lost 2 stone in as many months keeping to a what I think is a 'healthy life style' so why are they fitting gastric bands?

And the worst part, the reason we over eat is apparently because sugar is being added to food so we become addicted to it so we buy more. Who can we trust to buy our food from so we eat healthy, well balanced meals? Is it really that hard?

FredFredGeorge Fri 02-Nov-12 08:31:49

Firstly 20 minutes of light exercise a day exercise was chosen as a recommendation not because it's the right amount, but because it was the most people would swallow. Saying an amount which would actually really lead to fitness improvements was thought of as too scary and people would just switch off and do even less. Exercise more if you can, and especially be more active in your day to day life.

On food, it's all being over-complicated, the body really doesn't care on how it gets its macro-nutrients, some people - will be more or less tolerant to different foods and nutrients. And all that really matters is calories in vs expended, but there are reasons people over-eat for a variety of reasons - food tasting nice is one of them, and you don't become addicted to sugar, sugar is not addictive. However you may enjoy eating and therefore not eat when full.

Most diets are just ways to limit excess eating, that's why so many different diets work for people, and others don't, as they don't limit eating.

Find a diet that works for you.

SEG123 Fri 02-Nov-12 21:40:59

Thank you FredFredGeorge, I think I've been reading too much and over complicating it. Over eating is definitely a bad habit - it's amazing when you are conscious of how much you eat how quickly you feel full.

I guess when I feel healthy I know the 'healthy lifestyle' I have chosen works. I guess one way doesn't fit all.

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