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Gluten free special cake recipes?

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MissBoPeep Fri 21-Sep-12 10:44:06

DD has been diagnosed with a possible gluten intolerance and I want to make her a cake ( she's over 18 BTW!)

I usually just swap ordinary flour for Dove's Farm and it works okay but is sometimes a little dry.

Has anyone got a nice recipe maybe for a chocci cake?

WillColbert Fri 21-Sep-12 16:46:39

I just use a cake recipe I like and as well as swapping ordinary flour for gluten free flour, I add Xanthan Gum (1 tsp per 8oz of flour) which stops the cake being dry.
I'm not great at chocolate cake so I sometimes use the gluten free chocolate cake mixes (usually Hale & Hearty or Glebe Farm - you can get both at supermarkets).

babybouncer Sat 22-Sep-12 18:30:39

I've had some good ones from the good food website and I seem to remember I made one using ground almonds instead of flour.

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