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what else do you serve with fishcakes?

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upsidewide Tue 08-May-12 19:30:27

I made some fishcakes for the DSs (4 and 2), I don't think they will really eat a salad on the side, except maybe cucumber.

Since they have already got potatoes in them fishcakes, what other yummy sides would you recommend? They aren't that keen on rice and pasta somehow doesn't seem right (although ... I am sure they won't care ...).

Simple cooked veg would be a nice idea, but I think they wouldn't eat it.

Idea's please.

BlackAffronted Tue 08-May-12 19:47:27

Sweetcorn & peas? with homemade tartare sauce - yummy!

NettoSuperstar Tue 08-May-12 19:51:59

Nothing wrong with cucumber if they like it. Perhaps some cherry tomatoes too?
I'm lazy and often fling a handful of leaves from a bag, and a few cherry tomatoes on dishes as a side.
Tatare sauce is a must in my book though, philistine DD would grab the bottle of barbecue!

poocatcherchampion Tue 08-May-12 19:52:36

Mash! (I knooow)

AThingInYourLife Tue 08-May-12 19:54:27

cucumber and tomatoes

BehindLockNumberNine Tue 08-May-12 19:55:38

I normally serve fishcakes with sliced cucumber, carrot batons, mini cherry tomatoes etc.

Yum, fishcakes!!

Flisspaps Tue 08-May-12 19:57:56

I had mine with asparagus and chips tonight

bibbitybobbitybunny Tue 08-May-12 19:58:12

The children either have cucumber, tomatoes, pepper strips, carrot batons - that sort of thing ("salad") or mixed peas and corn, or peas and baby sweetcorn. I tend not to do any extra carbs with them because, as you say, they are mainly potato anyway.

I always have them with a dark green salad with watercress. Yummy.

spanky2 Tue 08-May-12 19:59:56

Cheesy mash and brocolli and carrots. How weird my dc had this for tea. I ate the left over fishcake sad so much for the slimming world diet.

CravingSleep Tue 08-May-12 20:02:10

I can't believe I've never made fish cakes . . Is it hard? What type of fish do you buy add can you share recipe? I assume it works out cheaper than just buying and serving fillets?

RhinestoneCowgirl Tue 08-May-12 20:03:10

I do a carrot salad which is grated carrot & apple with a few sultanas thrown in, with a bit of lemon juice - my two eat it, whereas normal 'salad' is treated with great suspicion...

BlackAffronted Tue 08-May-12 20:18:27

Craving, I make mine out of tinned tuna on skint days! Or salmon trimmings or frozen fish, I wouldnt watse good fillets on them to be honest.

Sleepwhenidie Tue 08-May-12 20:20:25

Always with baked beans for my DC's.

Taffeta Tue 08-May-12 22:09:38

Mine had fishcakes tonight with cooked carrots and broccoli and ketchup

upsidewide Wed 09-May-12 02:49:59

Woweee! thanks for the responses. rhinestones I love the idea of the carrot salad, I think I'll use that next time.

cravings My recipe was really made up of about 10 recipes I saw on the internet it worked well. For the grown ups I ended up serving it with a cannelini bean salad (lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, broccoli and a basic mustard vinegarette)

Essentially I used these things.

tinned salmon
red pepper
red onion
Cayenne pepper
salt and pepper

then I dipped in flour and breadcrumbs and baked for about 10 mins each side in a moderate/hot oven.

Thanks again every one.

piprabbit Wed 09-May-12 02:59:48

When my DCs object to salad or tomato or cucumber, I make them their favourite side dish... salsa wink... made from finely diced tomato, cucumber (plus spring onion and pepper etc. if I have it).

funny how they will eat salsa but reject the base ingredients.

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