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children's cooking apron

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outofpractice Fri 31-Oct-03 11:25:59

Ds wants a cooking apron like mine, ie not just the type of overall that you can buy for children doing painting. I remember having a small apron when I was little but have not seen any in the shops. Has anyone got one, from where?

Beccarollo Fri 31-Oct-03 11:29:37

Ikea have got them in! Saw them a couple of weeks ago.

Twink Fri 31-Oct-03 11:48:55

Dd got one with a cookie kit from Sainsbury's - unfortunately it's a 'Blue Parrot' one.

I also got her one from Lakeland (I think)

hana Fri 31-Oct-03 12:05:22

yup, and I think they are only a pound or so in Ikea, with 2 oven pads thingys as well. Bargin! It's just the dreaded trip to Ikea though....

outofpractice Fri 31-Oct-03 12:10:19

We don't have an IKEA or Lakeland within 2 hours of home ... been looking on the internet and am amazed that they are asking about £11 for a tiny apron.

Twink Fri 31-Oct-03 13:04:51

Just found this on Google (searched on kids aprons, uk only) which have some for less than half that.

If you get nowhere, post a description of what he wants and how big he is and I'll do you a quote ! Only half joking, sewing machine is currently acting as a dust magnet.

binker Tue 04-Nov-03 11:11:34

I got a nice checked one from Letterbox mail order (with my son's name embroidered on it)- looks very nice ! Also, I think the Rick Stein website has nice aprons and chef's jackets,

JanZ Tue 04-Nov-03 13:05:01

I got a "Thomas the Tank Engine" apron at a craft fair (actually, the craft tent at the Glasgow Highland Cattle Show) for a few quid. I felt very proud that I was already buying Christmas presents (this was the beginning of October) - now I just need to remember that I've got it!

How about buying a small amount of "children's" fabric (whatever your ds is interested in - Thomas or Tweenies or whatever) and making your own? It's a very simple shape and all you need to do is add ribbon for the ties and the bit that goes over your head.

Jaybee Tue 04-Nov-03 13:52:14

John Lewis usually do them - plastic coated ones in the handicraft area and plain white or navy blue in the school area - not sure if they have them on their website though.

ruth30 Fri 08-Jul-05 14:49:15

i run a business called Tasty Tales which is all about cooking with kids see \link{} its worth a look if you enjoy cooking together. we are going to offer aprons but don't as yet, try uk i can't remember if they do one offs. our local market has loads don't know if you have a market near.

babyonboard Fri 08-Jul-05 22:43:57

asda have some really nice and white stripes, or polka dots and some other patterns..i think there are £1.99 each., i know this as i bought one thinking it was teatowels...he he

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