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butter icing and food colouring

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muttimalzwei Tue 25-Oct-11 18:22:30

Have just made 3oz butter, 6oz icing sugar and l tbsp water butter icing which I put green food colouring into on a Halloween theme! confused Put a drop in and decided not green enough, tasted fine. Put another drop in and not sure it tastes that good anymore, bit acidic. Kids say it's fine. Had this once with red food colouring when overdid it and it tasted foul. What are you supposed to do and have I probably overdone it?

DrSeuss Tue 25-Oct-11 18:32:56

Next time, try gel colouring. No idea how to fix it, sorry.

muttimalzwei Tue 25-Oct-11 18:48:28

I put a bit more icing sugar in and it's a bit better but doesn't taste that good. Ah well it's for Halloween so perhaps the cakes should be horrid

fuckityfuckfuckfuck Tue 25-Oct-11 18:52:23

Add some vanilla essence. I had to use it when I made black halloween icing and the colouring tasted awful. The vanilla went some way to fix it though, ad the dc devoured them so they can't have been that bad.

muttimalzwei Tue 25-Oct-11 19:06:49

just surprised that the colouring makes it taste foul. Surely the black would just make it black not taste bad? Obviously they haven't sorted this out yet. Have stuck a load of Halloween Haribos on them now and they look edible at least.

muttimalzwei Tue 25-Oct-11 19:07:39

will get in vanilla essence for next batch, thank you ffff and Dr Seuss

mummybookworm Tue 25-Oct-11 19:11:35

Try a drop of milk too, that may help.

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