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Parkin = Autumn

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CogitoErgoSometimes Sun 23-Oct-11 10:42:20

Got my first batch of the autumn on the go in the oven, the whole house smells 'autumny' and I can almost hear the sparklers! What's your nostalgic go-to food this time of year?

MrsCog Sun 23-Oct-11 11:32:06

Sausage casserole is one of my autumn 'seasonal' dishes, especially served with a baked sweet potato. Sadly, this year I will have to forgo as am 20+4 and the smell of sausages makes me want to be sick!!!!

I'm also beginning to get excited about making christmas puddings!

brightwell Sun 23-Oct-11 11:51:03

I love parkin. on the autumn theme, we had our first batch of roasted chestnuts last weekend and I always look forward to russet apples this time of year.

Xiaoxiong Sun 23-Oct-11 12:25:10

Apple pie with sour cream, chili cooked in a pumpkin, cassoulet, anything with squash. Quite excited for thanksgiving this year although on thanksgiving day itself I will be 39 weeks!

Takeresponsibility Sun 23-Oct-11 17:18:59

Lancashire hotpot - made three on Friday, one we have eaten and two in the freezer, really got me in the cooking mood so made pies as well. Three huge steak and kidney and two rather overfull chicken and mushroom ones.

Can you tell DP is a good northern lad?

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