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Grown up food for kids party

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couldtryharder Thu 15-Sep-11 13:44:17

Dilema. Having son's 4th party at home next weekend. He's going to the football with his dad, then back to ours with some other friends and parent friends for food, drinks, party games etc. So kids are having the usual sandwiches, crisps, veg sticks. Was going to do cold meat platter, cheeses, hm hummus, hm roasted veg, cruds & hm dip, good breads etc for the grown ups. But have just done the shop for all this (online) and with a bit of booze, it's come to £150! Was doing this pick & mix as it involved the least amount of effort on the day, but thinking that maybe I need to rethink it. Can't really do a big one pot thing as I've got a veggie adult and I'm buggered if I'm doing two pots. Any ideas gratefully received.

brodanbell Thu 15-Sep-11 16:22:53

Chilli? I know it will involve 2 pots but stay with me.

How about you cook up a veggie one using cans of mixed bean salad, and you could serve that for your family the evening prior, and put a small pan aside for your veggie guest the next day. Then make the meat version separate. If you make them together you can actually cook off the onion, garlic & spice mix in one go, then just separate them into two pans when you add the meat/beans/tomatoes. At least with chilli, ok there might well be two pans, but the ingredients, aside from the meat/beans, are essentially the same, so you won't be having to prep two lots of different ingredients IYSWIM. Then just serve with rice, baked potatoes, french bread, salad or whatever you like.

inmysparetime Thu 15-Sep-11 16:37:35

How about ratatouille, vegetable paella or risotto.

inmysparetime Thu 15-Sep-11 16:40:14

Buy some puff pastry, roll it out, and chuck a load of e.g. Peppers or sundried tomatoes on it, grate a load of cheese on top. It's like pastry pizza, really cheap, and everyone thinks you're a really good cook.

couldtryharder Thu 15-Sep-11 17:05:58

Thanks ladies. I hear you with the chilli bell, but we're having a food and fireworks night in Nov with the same set of friends and that's my plan for that night. Will def do the cooking the bases the same then separating off a bit for the veggie version. Sparetime, sadly my husband had a bad introduction to ratatouille at uni and has never recovered, but paella is a possibility as I think my veggie eats fish.

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