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I HAVE to take a break for a bit. I am neglecting the ironing.

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mrsseanbean Tue 27-Jan-09 10:36:04

I have only been on MN for a couple of months. It's enormous fun, never before have I become so engrossed in a forum and its members, truly something special (as the lovely Justin would say!) But it is becoming just a bit too addictive.

I don't expect anyone knows me well yet anyway... but to all those who do, or have been on my threads and with whom I have shared a laugh, I say thank you and bye bye for a bit....

I will be back!

compo Tue 27-Jan-09 10:36:40

ironing, what's that?!!

whomovedmychocolate Tue 27-Jan-09 10:37:20

LOL - I do the ironing while mumsnetting and watching TV on the iplayer blush

WhereTheWildThingsWere Tue 27-Jan-09 10:37:42

Oh god was it the hat thread? grin

Did you get it btw?

Don't be gone too long now.....

dizzydixies Tue 27-Jan-09 10:37:54

hang things up when you're having a shower - there you are, job done grin

IAmTheNewQueenOfMN Tue 27-Jan-09 10:38:49

what is this ironing you speak of?

Niecie Tue 27-Jan-09 10:38:51

I recognise your name MrsSB.

Good luck with staying away - you are right it is addictive round here. You are obviously made of stronger stuff than me to walk away completely, on purpose.

<Sets timer - gives it 24 hours before MrsSB is back>

TsarChasm Tue 27-Jan-09 10:40:38

Oh Mrsbean I have been on one or two threads with is far too addictive though isn't it? <surveys evidence of mn induced neglect>

daftpunk Tue 27-Jan-09 10:45:00

what? you cant!....i was just about to name you on this weeks clicky you know what i was going to say?....i'm gonna tell you anyway!

i have a soft spot for mrsseanbean, because she is v.funny/intelligent/kind...the sort of person you would love to know in RL,.... a breath of fresh air!

sad come back soon x

Libralovesbiscuits1975 Tue 27-Jan-09 10:45:50

There isn't a tombstone ANYWHERE that states "she didn't do enough ironing". Seriously, if your DC are old enough to need ironed clothes then they are old enough to iron themselves.

Stayingsunnygirl Tue 27-Jan-09 10:49:37

And it is actually good for ironing to be ignored - giving in to it will only encourage it, and you'll be making a rod for your own back.

Mind you, I'm a bit spoiled, because if I ignore the ironing all week, dh will do it at the weekend - but then I have to put up with him being a martyr about it.

Perhaps if I offered him sex in return for the ironing, he'd be happier...... At least sex I can do lying down!grin

MrsSeanBeanHasGivenUpIroning Wed 28-Jan-09 17:44:14

Aw thanks Daftpunk - what a lovely thing to say!

Well that lasted well. Just over 24 hours though Niecie, but you weren't far out. Seems I can't stay away. blush

squeaver Wed 28-Jan-09 17:50:53

Oh I'll miss you Mrs SB. I can't believe you've only been here a couple of months. I always seem to end up on threads with you. Who gives a fuck about ironing anyway?

MrsSeanBeanHasGivenUpIroning Wed 28-Jan-09 17:58:24

I'm still here though Squeaver, that's the embarassing part! blush

I was full of good intentions, cold turkey I thought. I think I may just have to restrict my MNing time rather than flounce entirely.

squeaver Wed 28-Jan-09 18:06:42

Oh sorry didn't read the whole thread. Very happy you're still here.

kormachameleon Wed 28-Jan-09 18:07:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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