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Well I'm done

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Buswankeress Thu 13-Dec-18 17:12:24

Jesus, does anybody on this site actually fucking read?

I've received a roasting today for something I didn't even fucking say. I was expressing sadness that I'm going through a shit health/financial time and think help like the £10 bonus to those on PIP would make a difference and apparently I'm rude, obnoxious, resentful of disabled people and have said that as they get a £10 bonus it's all ok!

I didn't say anything like that and others said much worse, but you know what, go fuck yourselves. I'm still happy that someone who needs it gets a small boost but you cunts that have made me out to be disablist? You're the lowest of the low. Quite happy to shout about how shit it all is and how everyone else should see it from your point of view, but totally resent anyone else wanting a little help.
You fucking hypocrites, total and utter fucking hypocrites.
Don't the low income struggling families with health problems get enough of a shit deal without dozens of you turning on one just because you can't be fucking arsed to read properly before you shoot your mouth off?!

I hope everyone who has offered me help on that thread has a wonderful Christmas, you hypocritical cunts can fuck right off.

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