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moving to a bigger tank

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wonkybumcrack Mon 25-Apr-16 20:42:26

I'm getting a 200l tank Tomorrow currently have a 130l. How's best to move the fish into the new tank? Should I do a new cycle and move them after 2 weeks or put the water from the old tank and gradually top up the water?

TreeSparrow Mon 25-Apr-16 22:24:23

Moving water sources nothing. The bacteria live in your filter, not in the water. Set up the new tank and get the water to the right temperature. Move your filter and fish over to the new tank. Job done.

TreeSparrow Mon 25-Apr-16 22:24:54

Sources was meant to say Achieves

wonkybumcrack Mon 25-Apr-16 22:32:42

Thank you new tank comes with a external filter so can I run both filters?

TreeSparrow Tue 26-Apr-16 03:19:42

Yes, it's really important to transfer your mature filter across so you don't lose the cycle. Only swill the filter in old tank water. Never run it under the tap as the chlorine will kill the bacteria.

Always dechlorinate fresh tank water.

wonkybumcrack Tue 26-Apr-16 07:48:50

I have tap safe and always clean filter in old tank water. I have got myself the bigger tank as a treat I was given the other tank and got a few fish and have done good with them. Thank you

TreeSparrow Tue 26-Apr-16 22:48:54

Sounds great. You should post a picture when you've set the new one up. smile

wonkybumcrack Wed 27-Apr-16 07:17:35

I will. Filled it up last night just waiting for temp to rise.

wonkybumcrack Wed 27-Apr-16 12:32:14

Here it is!

TreeSparrow Wed 27-Apr-16 23:31:08

That's a beaut. Nice one!

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