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where would my fish be?

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shelley72 Wed 31-Oct-12 11:47:22

we are setting up a small tropical tank. we added water for a month, tested and it was fine so we added 3 neons, who have been very happy for anothr month. last week we bought 3 zebra danios and all was well until last night when i went to feed them - one of the danios is missing.

i cant see it floating, i have had a bit of a prod around the weeds and cant find it anywhere. would one of the others have eaten it i wonder? or will it eventually turn up floating somewhere. the thing is if it is lurking in there dead, the water quality is going to plummet isnt it? but where could it be? is there something obvious i have missed?

it was all going so well...


EauRouge Wed 31-Oct-12 19:22:10

The others might have eaten some of it. How long was it missing? Fish can decompose quite quickly. Alternatively it may have jumped out of the tank.

How big is the tank? Zebra danios are very active so they need quite a lot of space. Also they are shoaling fish that should be kep in groups of 6+, same as the neons. Finally they are temperate fish rather than tropical so prefer cooler temperatures than the neons.

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