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Which Studio Ghibli / Miyazaki Japanese animation films for my DD (4)

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paisleyleaf Sun 21-Jun-09 13:30:19

She loves 'My Neighbour Totoro', but it's so long since I've seen the others that I can't remember what they're like for children.
Spirited Away / Castle in the Sky ? ...are they okay?

southeastastra Sun 21-Jun-09 13:31:17

cat returns is fab

paisleyleaf Sun 21-Jun-09 13:40:38

oh I think I've got that as subtitles....which she won't be able to read. I'll remember that though, thanks.

mrswoolf Sun 21-Jun-09 13:47:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

paisleyleaf Sun 21-Jun-09 13:58:39

I'd not heard of 'Kiki's delivery service' til just now
I'll look that one up smile
I seem to remember Spirited Away being quite nightmarey...and gorey...but can't remember for sure

jojobeanie Sun 21-Jun-09 14:18:37

totoro is fab and my 2 yr old loves it. My 4 yr old also loves Kiki's delivery service.

serenity Sun 21-Jun-09 14:29:55

Another vote for "Kiki" and "The Cat Returns". DD was happy to watch "Spirited Away" at that age (when the DSs put it on) but it is a bit scary I suppose. She quite likes "Howl's Moving Castle" too.

babyphat Sun 02-Aug-09 11:09:34

defo kiki's delivery service, can't wait till my little one is old enough to watch it!

babyphat Sun 02-Aug-09 11:10:02

oops, just seen how old this thread is blush

DD loves The Cat Returns. She tried watching Spirited Away when she was 6 and founfd it too scary.

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