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Lemony snicket......

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juniperdropofbrandy Sat 18-Dec-04 18:27:15

Has anyone seen this yet? I went this afternoon with mum and the boys. I quite liked it but poor DS2 (4) wasn't the least bit interested, bless him. I didn't think he'd like it much though but had no choice but to take him. Mum found it a bit too dark but DS1 (7) liked it.

feastofstevenmom Sat 18-Dec-04 18:29:43

am going to see it on Thursday at local cinema mums + babies showing

quite looking forward to it now

will report my views back

spacedonkey Sat 18-Dec-04 18:31:45

they're going to review it on Saturday Review 7pm R4

posyhairdresser Sat 18-Dec-04 18:48:13

Wondering whether my goth-like 5 yr old would enjoy this?

JanH Sat 18-Dec-04 21:11:49

MTV have got a half hour documentary on the making of the LS movie at various times this week. Sky TV Guide

turquey Sun 19-Dec-04 02:20:54

Just been to see it. DD 6 loved it (especially the baby - adorable) ds 9 enjoyed it but was cross that it didn't follow the books to the letter. I wouldn't take an under 5 - even dd found some bits quite scary.
I enjoyed it but find Jim Carey
SO irritating I can hardly bear it.

candycane Sun 19-Dec-04 09:57:06

We saw it yesterday and all liked it a lot (girls are 7 and 9). The scenery is stunning and Jim Carey really wasn't as annoying as I thought he was going to be. The child actors are great and they've done very well with Sunny's character - she gurgles like a baby and her "real words" appear on screen. Highly recommended!

juniperdropofbrandy Sun 19-Dec-04 12:12:23

I know wasn't baby Sunny adorable?

hosannainIXELsis Sat 01-Jan-05 10:14:01

We went to see it on Thursday, as our first trip to the pics since ds was born 13 months ago (without him). I LOVED it!!! Just my kind of filming, scenery, costumes, fairy tale. I'm so glad I liked it, as it was our one chance to get out and see something@

bonkerz Sat 01-Jan-05 10:17:27

dh is taking our 2 tomorrow to see it! Ds is 4 1/2 and dd is 3 1/2. They watched spiderman2, dya think it would be 2 scary for them?

mrsjingles Mon 03-Jan-05 16:46:51

I've just taken my two, 6yr old dd and ds is 4 in 2 weeks, they both loved it and weren't scared. I found it a bit dissapointing though, not really what I was expecting, and it is a dark film.

suedonim Mon 03-Jan-05 21:55:10

We've just been with 8yo dd. She loved it, even though she (and I!) jumped out of her skin at the snake bit. I thought the wedding scene was a bit bizarre - very dark overtones there. And I want that baby - soooooo cute!!

roisin Sun 16-Jan-05 19:43:34

I finally managed to get to see this with ds1 yesterday. We both enjoyed it: thought the beginning with the elf was great! The kids were all brilliant, especially the baby.

It was scarier than I anticipated for a PG ... but then I say that about every film: must be a sign of my age! (I'm glad I didn't take ds2 though, as he found Nemo scary!)

Unfortunately ds1 still seems reluctant to read the books Probably just because he knows I want him to. It's just frustrating, as he reads loads and loads of books, and I know he would love them.

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