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Sky movies/cinema

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popcornwizard Thu 29-Nov-18 11:08:04

Hi, I've just added sky movies to our very basic sky package hoping to watch too much Christmas pap while I recuperate. I find nothing I want to watch - where is Nativity and Love Actually and Elf? Is it a December thing? (which it should be most years, but this year I'm ill grin ) or have I wasted my £10. Do films change often? I've never had it before, but some have a 5 day limit on them, is that to watch or download? Sorry for 20 questions but I get lost on the sky help pages.

AdamNichol Mon 03-Dec-18 16:05:31

I have Sky Cinema and download stuff every so often. DS downloads (in bulk) things he's interested in. Not encountered a limit (beyond box capacity limit). Films change at a decent pace, but newer stuff is Sky Box Office and extra ££

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