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FreeNiki Tue 21-Mar-17 02:13:54

I saw a trailer for this. On the one hand it looks really good. I love a good sci-fi. On the other the trailer was very detailed and basically gives the whole plot away.

Anyone else planning to see it?

FreeNiki Fri 24-Mar-17 16:05:55

I saw it and really enjoyed it. Reminiscent of Alien but lots of thrills.

FreeNiki Fri 24-Mar-17 16:21:35

Oh and it is not your standard cliched convenient hollywood sci fi.

It really has a few twists.

gabsdot Fri 18-Aug-17 08:43:33

Total rubbish.

MusicToMyEars800 Sat 19-Aug-17 20:51:44

Me and DP really enjoyed this, but we do love a good sci-fi film, it does have a little twist at the end, I won't say as I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it yet.

NikiBabe Sun 20-Aug-17 00:28:20

I didn't think it was rubbish.

Ive seen worse sci fi

Aridane Sat 11-Nov-17 21:24:06

I enjoyed it but the reviews on IMDB slated it -esp as regards the stupidity of the scientists and the ‘contrivedness’ (whatever the word is) of the ending

Liliywil Thu 30-Nov-17 15:15:14

I think it's okay. The ending looks creepy though to see the wrong pod landing on earth!! However, I agree that there are much worse sci-fi films than this and at least this one is watchable until the end except for the fact there is a little too much blood involved.

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