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Please help me ID this French film

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MrsPMT Thu 17-Nov-16 17:06:55

I remember watching a French film (probably on Film4) late one night, think I watched about half of it and cannot remember what it was.

It was about a young couple or perhaps mainly focused on the young woman who seemed to meet up with a young man at a bridge/ under a bridge? I have a feeling the chap was homeless, don't think the girl was, and one of them was suicidal at one point, I think.

Some of the details may be wrong, it was a while ago, sorry.

Any ideas? I've trawled through lists and descriptions of French films with no luck.

Thanks in advance

SunnySomer Thu 17-Nov-16 17:07:57

Les Amants du Pont Neuf?

MrsPMT Thu 17-Nov-16 17:14:49

YES! Thankyou,

That was quick grin

Should have asked ages ago, don't know why I didn't come across it when searching.

brassbrass Thu 17-Nov-16 17:14:58


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