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It's the Ash B-Movie Quiz!

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AshNotTheHousewaresOne Mon 12-Feb-07 09:13:44

Enjoy! and remember, it's just for fun!!!

1. In Zac Synder's bloody abysmal remake of 'Dawn of The Dead' which of the original movies cast appears as a shop?

2. What is bondage babe Bettie Page’s middle name?

3. Pope of trash John Waters famously shoots all his movies around his home town. Name it.

4. The climactic fight scene from the overlong 'Kill Bill' (volume one) is ripped off (sorry, pays 'homage') to which seminal seventies swordplay classic?

5. which movie star cum singer was billed as ‘the filthiest person alive’?

6. complete the Cash Flagg starring movie title, ‘The Incredibly Strange Creatures…..’

7. Which of these top quality movies does Not feature Oscar nominated B movie God Eric (brother of Julia) Roberts?

a. Wild Flowers
b. Raptor
c. Love is a Gun
d. Carnosaur

8. The evil alien monkey monster from the movie ‘Robot Monster from Mars’ actually arrives to wreak havoc on Earth from where?

9. The wonderful Divine was forcibly 'taken' twice in one film, but can you name the attackers in both cases?

10. Which Friday night fave frighteners feature:

a. The undead roaming around a Pittsburgh shopping mall?
b. A scary alien with killer silver balls?
c. Nude space vampires fighting Mr. Darcy’s older brother?
d. A dead boy’s mother murdering sex obsessed summer camp counsellors?
e. A mad chef murders young girls to prepare an authentic Egyptian feast?

chestnutty Mon 12-Feb-07 20:16:18

Sorry Ash, I don't know a single answer.
Not my sort of films.

drdad Mon 12-Feb-07 23:28:15

Ooh, tough.

3. Baltimore

is 4. Shogun Assassin?

5. Divine

6. '... Who Stopped Living And Became Mixed-Up Zombies'

9. One of them is 'Lobstora'

10. a Dawn Of The Dead
b Phantasm
c Lifeforce?
d Friday The 13th
e The very wonderful Blood Feast

AshNotTheHousewaresOne Tue 13-Feb-07 08:56:08

not bad drdad! i'm impressed!....i'll see if there are anymore takers before the full answers....but you're in the lead!

drdad Wed 14-Feb-07 23:45:48

Bit of a John Waters fan, then, I'd guess?

AshNotTheHousewaresOne Thu 15-Feb-07 13:45:59

just a little lol....more an all round fan of 'sinema subculture'

franca70 Fri 16-Feb-07 09:44:06

just found this...
lol at eric roberts!!!
7d, I don't think he did carnosaur

drdad Tue 20-Feb-07 01:18:38

Got a couple more...

1. Gaylen Ross

2. Mae

AshNotTheHousewaresOne Wed 21-Feb-07 22:48:36

i'm impressed drdad!..gonna have to make it harder next time!

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