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If you want to have a good cry during a film......

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Slinky Sat 03-Apr-04 23:21:56

then watch "In America"....

just finished watching it, and I near enough cried throughout the whole film!

stupidgirl Sat 03-Apr-04 23:41:26

Oh, I saw that a few months ago. It is good.

fairydust Sun 04-Apr-04 11:11:48

was going to get this but we ended up with the Italian job - will get this now next week

fairydust Mon 05-Apr-04 09:52:56

we ended up watchnig this last night- it was weird didn't make me cry and i still don't understand a few things

bobsmum Mon 05-Apr-04 09:58:50

SLinky - not seen it yet, but blubbed through the trailer!

fairydust Mon 05-Apr-04 12:04:13

i normal cry at the drop of a hat but this didn;t do it for me

pollingfold Mon 05-Apr-04 12:35:38

Haven't seen your film, but "I am Sam" with Sean Penn was blubtastic, even 'ard as nails DH sat next to me with tears streaming down his face.

suzywong Mon 05-Apr-04 12:51:53

hoe about The Hours' particularly if you have little boys

wilbur Mon 05-Apr-04 12:54:47

Oh yes, suzywong - that little boy in The Hours.. Blub, blub, blub - had to go and give ds a huge hug afterwards.

suzywong Mon 05-Apr-04 12:57:23

I went to see it with 3 friends and we all have boys the same age, group blub. Still think of it when sometimes

spacemonkey Mon 05-Apr-04 12:58:21


I cried all night after watching that

suzywong Mon 05-Apr-04 13:00:30

is that the one with debra winger?

spacemonkey Mon 05-Apr-04 13:01:46

erm yes i think so

Anthony Hopkins played C S Lewis

carriemac Mon 05-Apr-04 15:21:45

saw "running on empty" with River Phenoix for the nth time last week and still cried my eyes out

TheCODfather Mon 05-Apr-04 15:26:02

I found good will hunting irritatingly sad last night

madgirl Mon 05-Apr-04 15:29:17

oh my god shadowlands, i used up an entire touche eclat the week after watching that film.

Welshmum Mon 05-Apr-04 15:31:12

21 grams. Upsetting but pretty brill

Slinky Mon 05-Apr-04 15:46:34

Just added The Hours and Shadowlands to my Wish List on Amazon - planning to place an order in the next week or so.

Also noticed that Schindlers List is being released on DVD next week - been waiting for this to come out on DVD for yonks - another favourite

prufrock Mon 05-Apr-04 20:19:36

Imitation of Life (very old film with Lana Turner) is the soppiest weepy ever.

noddy5 Mon 05-Apr-04 20:34:59

the hours

suzywong Mon 05-Apr-04 20:36:30

oh yes Noddy5
when sarah jane rejects her mother! Blub

suzywong Mon 05-Apr-04 20:36:59

Meant prufrock, but agree with the hours too. Will shut up and go in the bar now. sorry

suzywong Mon 05-Apr-04 20:37:07

oh yes Noddy5
when sarah jane rejects her mother! Blub

prufrock Tue 06-Apr-04 10:30:02

It's even worse when she comes back at the end and throws herself onto the coffin - in fact I can feel my eyes prickling just thinking about it!

spacemonkey Tue 06-Apr-04 10:47:41



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