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Definitive list of Musicals for a Musical marathon

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KatyMac Mon 10-Sep-12 17:55:22

DD & I have decided to watch musicals together. The library does a 2 for 1 on a Friday; but the search at the library is a little lacking

So I need a nice list of musicals for us......& I'm feeling a little blank

We are going to have a Katymac choice & a DD choice each week; so we need old & new

Where do we start (she has seen quite a few of the big ones, so I was thinking of older ones she might not have heard of.....preferably with lots of dancing wink)

albertschoice Thu 16-Jun-16 11:00:27

On Moonlight Bay and its sequel On the Light of the Silvery Moon - old style movies starring Doris Day. Loved them and watched them a hundred times as a kid (we were into musicals in a major way!)

SandyMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 16-Jun-16 10:49:34

Hi everyone,
Just sweeping this great thread into films. OP please do shout if this is a problem. flowers

janji Thu 20-Sep-12 01:31:24

Gotta have Joseph & technicolor dreamboat just to sing along to songs!!

purplepenguin86 Thu 20-Sep-12 01:21:44

I would recommend getting hold of some DVDs of Broadway shows/documentaries/concerts etc, as well as films.

Some good ones I would recommend are;

Broadway shows
Into The Woods
Sunday in the Park with George
Sweeney Todd
Putting It Together
Oklahoma (West End, the NT version)

Concerts/Special galas etc
Hey Mr Producer
My Favourite Broadway: The Leading Ladies
My Favourite Broadway: The Love Songs
Sondheim - The Birthday Concert
Some Enchanted Evening: Richard Rogers Tribute Gala
Chess in Concert
Les Miserables (10th or 25th Anniversary depending on which cast float your boat - I would say to watch both wink)
Phantom of the Opera at the RAH
Love Never Dies
Bernadette Peters in Concert
Liza With a Z
Elaine Stritch at Liberty


The Heat Is On: The Making of Miss Saigon
Every Little Step
Show Business: The Road to Broadway

This list is by no means definitive, but I have the above DVDs and would recommend them. Some are really important in Musical Theatre - certainly the original productions of the Sondheim shows, Hey Mr Producer, Rent, etc etc, and those solo performers' DVDs are also pretty iconic as they are 3 major stars. The documentaries are fascinating for anyone wanting to get into musical theatre, as they show a lot of the casting process. These aren't to watch instead of film musicals, they certainly have their place too, but obviously with the stage production you are getting the show as written rather than messed around with for film.

SecretNutellaMedallist Mon 10-Sep-12 22:03:58


SecretNutellaMedallist Mon 10-Sep-12 22:02:46


KatyMac Mon 10-Sep-12 21:48:15

I love that one & we have already ordered Sweet Charity

MigratingCoconuts Mon 10-Sep-12 18:19:34

You have to add On The Town to that!!

it's pure genius.

KatyMac Mon 10-Sep-12 18:18:54

I have to take her to class now

I'll be back later.......after 9 sad I get to sit for 2 hours in a boring cold village hall while she has fun wink

Actually I could watch a film grin - but I guess I'll do homework

Back soon ish

Allalonenow Mon 10-Sep-12 18:18:01

Sweeney Todd

KatyMac Mon 10-Sep-12 18:17:38

1A Chorus Line
2An American in Paris
4Best Little Whorehouse In Texas
5Blood Brothers
6Buffy the Vampire Slayer
7Calamity Jane
10Chitty chitty Bang Bang
11Easter Parade
13Fiddler on the Roof
14Funny Girl
17Guys and Dolls
18Guys n dolls
20Hans Christian Andersen
21High Society
22King Creole
23Kiss me Kate
24Lemonade Mouth
25Little shop of horrors
26meet me in st louis!
27Moulin rouge
28My Fair Lady
31Paint your wagon
32Phantom of the Opera
33Rocky horror
34Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
36Singing in the Rain
37Sound of Music
38South Pacific
39Starlight Express
40Summer Holiday
41the king and i
42The les mis 10th anniversary concert
43The Producers
44The Slipper and the Rose
45Thoroughly Modern Millie
46West side story
47Wizard of Oz

MigratingCoconuts Mon 10-Sep-12 18:17:30

On the Town!!

KatyMac Mon 10-Sep-12 18:15:50

47 already

I have alpbeticalised them but I think we might pick & mix a bit

The Library is missing loads - do video DVD shops sill exist?

NorthernNumpty Mon 10-Sep-12 18:11:55

The Producers

MothershipG Mon 10-Sep-12 18:10:16

DD (10) and I love musicals!

But do you like Buffy the Vampire Slayer? because at the moment we are both going around singing the songs from the musical episode in series 6 and she says that's her favourite musical grin and I think I might be with her on that!

So far we've watched
West Side Story - my absolute fav but remember some adult themes
Calamity Jane - her fav, brilliant for all ages
Funny Girl
Chitty chitty Bang Bang
7 brides for 7 brothers
Lemonade Mouth (Disney thing, okish)
Moulin rouge (Adult themes)
My Fair Lady
Paint your wagon

To watch we've got
Guys n dolls
An American in Paris
Grease (seriously adult themes!)
Kiss me Kate
Sing in the Rain
South Pacific
Summer Holiday

Allalonenow Mon 10-Sep-12 18:09:53

A Chorus Line (my fave)

NorthernNumpty Mon 10-Sep-12 18:09:31

Hairspray (both versions)
Rocky horror (may be a bit adult!)
The les mis 10th anniversary concert

Also you can listen to most soundtracks even from obscure musicals on Spotify the new broadway one 'Newsies' is fantastic.

BillyBollyBandy Mon 10-Sep-12 18:09:07

Rocky Horror Show
YY to The Slipper and The Rose

RightUpMyRue Mon 10-Sep-12 18:07:08

I'm starting the DVD player!!

KatyMac Mon 10-Sep-12 18:06:21

I'm starting a spreadsheet

PotteringAlong Mon 10-Sep-12 18:05:39

Little shop of horrors

gymboywalton Mon 10-Sep-12 18:04:36

meet me in st louis!

LadyofWinterfell Mon 10-Sep-12 18:04:33

My Fair Lady
Blood Brothers
Thoroughly Modern Millie
South Pacific
7 brides for 7 brothers
Starlight Express
Best Little Whorehouse In Texas (fab, but i don't know if it's a film too!)
Anything with Frank Sinatra in, or Gene Kelly.

RightUpMyRue Mon 10-Sep-12 18:04:03

Guys and Dolls
High Society

YouOldSlag Mon 10-Sep-12 18:02:40

Guys and Dolls

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