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Which film do you wish you hadn't seen (not because it was crap)

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GiganticusBottomus Thu 27-Oct-11 09:44:32

I saw Fennel posted on the 'we need to talk about Kevin' thread saying she's just seen the film and wished she hadn't

I really wish I hadn't seen 'Seven' I found it really disturbing.

Any other films you recommend avoiding?

GiganticusBottomus Fri 28-Oct-11 15:18:15

Blimey, I haven't heard of half these films but I will be guaranteed not to watch any of them now.

Why do we do this to ourselves?! I watched seven without realising it was going to be so grim - I should have walked out of the cinema.

GlaikitFizzogOnaNeepyLantern Fri 28-Oct-11 15:18:28

It - I was a teen, already had a fear of clowns <shudders> not recommended
Cujo - Now can't watch Beethoven for fear that he will turn into a psycho dog

There was also a film back in the late 80's early 90's called Eve of destruction about a cyborg woman who could only be killed by being poked in the eye. Still very squemish about eye things

ragged Fri 28-Oct-11 15:20:01

Lorenzo's Oil. sad Even hearing the music makes me well up sad.

headfairy Fri 28-Oct-11 15:22:42

See I'm not bothered by gore, films like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre don't bother me, I just find them pretty tedious. Films with heartbreaking sadness traumatise me more.

That said I cannot stand zombie films, 28 Days Later left me unable to sleep with the lights off for weeks. Same with that film Channel 4 did about zombies invading the Big Brother set... I think it was called Dead Set. God that utterly freaked me out, because the ending is so grim.

Oh got another one for you... The Descent. Really really depressing ending. Utterly bleak.

Goldenbrown1981 Fri 28-Oct-11 15:27:01

Mine is kinda random. I still get shaken just thinking of the film A.I. People look at me like a loony when I tell them.
But, I went to see it about a month after I found out I was adopted and the imagery of a child simply being abandoned stirred up something in me that I still struggle to cope with. I cried from about 30 minutes in until about 3 hours after, people must have thought I was a nutter.

JosieRosie Fri 28-Oct-11 15:29:20

Oh God yes, Lorenzo's Oil sad It's really manipulative but in a brilliant way and just heartbreaking. The scenes of little Lorenzo having seizures are excruciating. And I don't have any DCs - parents must find it extra gut-wrenching!

It's not a film, but I watched the Fred West drama 'Appropriate Adult' on ITV in September and that proper messed me up! I literally got about 2 hours sleep after watching the second episode - every time I closed my eyes I saw his face and heard his voice. I was scared to get out of bed for a wee in the middle of the night! The program really got under my skin and just the thought of it still disturbs me. This extreme reaction was probably partly due to the completely fantastic acting and the fact that I had read a (nightmarish, sickening) book about Rose West a month before hmm

JinxAndFluff Fri 28-Oct-11 15:38:18

Shutter Island - as I have MH issues in my past - and it just felt like sitting through a pastiche of years of medication, pyschiatrists, horror. Hardly entertainment. Also, I have to say Rendition. And Kite Runner. I understand these issues, I just think its v hard to produce entertainment out of them.

headfairy Fri 28-Oct-11 15:38:20

goldenbrown that's so sad sad

practicallyimperfect Fri 28-Oct-11 15:38:27

The Cube- messed with my head. thinking about it makes me feel weird.

Adversecamber Fri 28-Oct-11 17:27:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LaPruneDeMaTante Fri 28-Oct-11 18:00:51

Oh Goldenbrown, I found AI utterly traumatizing (the first section and the last) and I don't have your history. You poor thing. People heap scorn on that film (certainly the middle section anyway) but it's incredibly well done, expert pulling of the heartstrings. I came home and tried to tell DH about it and just wept for ages, I couldn't speak. I curse the cynical bastards who made AI.

FrightNight Fri 28-Oct-11 18:08:13

American History X the part with the teeth on the kerb still lives with me

Schindlers List with the hiding kids

Beamur Fri 28-Oct-11 19:57:09

A1 is one of the saddest films ever - I had a lump in throat almost all the way through and expected it to somehow redeem itself towards the end but it just stayed heartbreakingly sad.

JeanBodel Fri 28-Oct-11 20:00:05

Another vote for Dancer in the Dark. I was an absolute mess after that one.

Coca Fri 28-Oct-11 20:01:24

Clockwork Orange

Coca Fri 28-Oct-11 20:04:49

Also a film I can't remember about a couple who went camping in a forest and were attacked by a gang of teenagers. It was a quite a low budget brit flick but still makes me nervous walking the dog in the woods.

toomuchmonthatendofthemoney Fri 28-Oct-11 20:15:58

Casualties of War, with Sean Penn (and Michael J. Fox). I watched that in my early 20s and it still comes into my mind. Sean Penn is brilliant at being just so so vile and brutal. Very disturbing when you think it was based on similar real events.

I also remember The Accused had a very profound effect on me at the time, with the rape scene (Jodie Foster).

I cannot watch horror type films AT ALL. Dh recommended I watch "Dog Soldiers", actually a very entertaining mock-horror type British film with Sean Pertwee, Kevin McKidd and Liam "dishy" Cunningham, I can see why he liked it, its very well done (on a tiny budget i assume) but it gave me the creeps for weeks, as i never watch any of that type of film and am a total wuss!!!

MadameWooOOoovary Fri 28-Oct-11 22:23:28

Ooh, I just remembered "Westworld"! I have issues with robots and people not being who they say they are. Yul Brynner as the Gunslinger is terrifying, even more so when he's supposed to "die" and doesn't (shudder)
The root of this? The bloody fembots on "Six Million Dollar Man" No, I still cant watch them. SO daft. blush

Exogenesis Fri 28-Oct-11 22:32:01

A british film the lake something, about a couple who go camping in woods by a lake and are hunted and tortured by a group of youths. The most distubrbing thing i've seen.

Exogenesis Fri 28-Oct-11 22:37:28

edan lake. That is the name. sick sick film

LilPud Fri 28-Oct-11 22:45:43

Resevior Dogs - I haven't even seen the whole film but just hated it. The bit where they torture the policeman was the end for me, I'm usually a horror fan but that was just too realistic.

crazynannawitchbitch Fri 28-Oct-11 22:53:11

Has anyone seen The Lost Son? sad

It was/is the most disturbing film I have ever seen. Afilm about a Child kidnap/abuse ring with scenes of child rape.

I didn't sleep right for months...literally.

Please don't watch it sad

onepieceofcremeegg Fri 28-Oct-11 23:01:20

Just remembered a film I saw when I was a child (not horror but very sad) "who will love my children?" Iirc the mother had a terminal illness and found homes for her 10 children before she died.

I watched it again as a teenager and cried from start to finish. I wouldn't be able to watch it now I don't think. sad

peeriebear Fri 28-Oct-11 23:07:44

Another vote for American History X here. Shudder.
Candyman is the most disturbing horror film I've seen. unrelentingly grim and suffocating.
I love the Shining and Silence of the Lambs- both clever tales of what the mind can do.

ScarlettIsWalking Fri 28-Oct-11 23:19:36

The exorsist has scenes in it I really wish I hadn't seen. That is truly one of the most disturbing films ever made. Brilliantly done, but truly hideous.

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