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Hollywood Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trailer here:

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queenceleste Mon 30-May-11 09:59:39


I hate to admit it, I didn't think they should remake this in Hollywood because the Swedish orginal was perfect and Noomi R is Lisbeth Salander etc
BUT this does look good doesn't it?
Am I wrong? Does it look rubbish?
I like the sound track and it looks scary too.

VictorGollancz Thu 09-Jun-11 11:55:42

I've just seen the latest promotional poster (in which Lisbeth is naked from the waist up, with Daniel Craig's arm around her, covering only one breast) and I have to conclude from that that Fincher has massively, totally, spectacularly missed the main theme of both the novels and the Swedish films.

Clarence15 Mon 20-Jun-11 08:16:18

I've just watched the trailer and it does actually look quite good. The problem with watching remakes when you've enjoyed the original is that you automatically assume it won't be as good, and you will constantly be comparing characters/scenes etc. Those who have read the books will be on their third version by the time they see this.

You can't really win because if the remake is rubbish, we'll moan about it, the actress who plays Lisbeth will be partularly analysed and has a lot to live up to. But if the film is good, you just feel like you've watched the same film all over again (as I did when I watched Let the Right one In/Let me In)

I guess we just have to watch it for entertainment's sake and draw our own conclusions.

(can't see it being anywhere near as good as the original myself but I'll watch it and grumble wink)

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