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Good films you have seen in the past year

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UnePrune Sat 28-Aug-10 11:55:40

(need some ideas for my Lovefilm list....sorry)

Up In The Air

ThatDamnDog Sat 28-Aug-10 11:59:29

Seven Pounds (I was actually sobbing by the end, proper big snot-bubbles and heaves)

UnePrune Sat 28-Aug-10 16:56:30

Ok have put it on list (thanks) though I am a bit scared of the snot-warning! (I saw Woody Harrelson once in a play and he was absolutely electrifying.) (Sorry for randomness.)

Any more? I put 'The Sure Thing' on for old times' sake.

silver28 Sat 28-Aug-10 17:00:04

It's a couple of years old but we only saw it recently: gran Torino was fab.

Also quite liked shutter island.

maktaitai Thu 02-Sep-10 22:14:01

I am catching up very slowly with a lot of stuff, so these will be too old and you will have seen them.

Lust/Caution - AMAZING - took my new posting name from it (was CF previously btw)

Did you see The Walker (WH again)? Pretty good, esp Kristin Scott T. Will put Seven Pounds on my list too, i larve him. I suppose you have prob seen The People Vs Larry Flynt?

I've Loved You So Long (KST again).

La Vie en Rose. There's no way that you won't have seen this yet. I loved it.

We ordered all the episodes of John Adams as dh had seen a bit on TV - and we failed to watch any of it blush.

12.08 East of Bucharest. Depends what you are in the mood for. I enjoyed it but it took a long time to get nowhere in particular, really.

The Lives of Others - again you're bound to have seen it. Wonderful though it's a bit of a fantasy, surely.

Lauriefairycake Thu 02-Sep-10 22:18:42

The Road

I am Legend - strangely quite watcheable

Boy in the Striped Pyjamas


DandyDan Tue 07-Sep-10 22:53:13

Only Yesterday

The Road


The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

accessorizequeen Tue 07-Sep-10 22:58:16

2nd I've loved you so long
Just had Julie and Julia from lovefilm, thought Meryl Streep fab in it.
Million Dollar Baby was riveting.
I'd like to see Whip it (Drew Barrymore) next, that sounds fun.

HarleyQuinn Mon 13-Sep-10 11:59:52

Sherlock Holmes

Shutter Island

titferbrains Wed 15-Sep-10 20:00:20

another vote for 7 pounds. Watched it on sky today (and am feeling really guilty for not taking dd outside to play this aft) and loved it just as much the 2nd time. It is a weepie.

500 days of summer was fun too, nice music.

I thought I am love was very good but it's quite arty (in italian). Just stunning locations.

after the wedding is good, it's Danish, very moving.

juneybean Wed 15-Sep-10 20:10:39

I quite liked Salt but then I love Angelina

Lemonadedibdab Fri 17-Sep-10 20:08:23

Kick Ass. It was unexpectedly brilliant.

echt Tue 21-Sep-10 06:10:34

I am Love - v.good.

Lust.Caution. - excellent.

A vote here for a re-watch; a film I haven't seen since it came out in 1980, and recently found for $6 in a sell-it-now-type bin: The Long Good Friday. Still very watchable, despite the noisy music.

upahill Thu 18-Nov-10 10:42:17

Tanara Drewe was good

Went to see Social Network last night. We (me and DS1) enjoyed that to.

VivaLeBeaver Fri 19-Nov-10 12:49:34

Shutter Island

bruffin Fri 19-Nov-10 13:09:14

Went to see a preview of Unstoppable last week and that was good.

Pluto Fri 19-Nov-10 13:12:43

The Social Network - enjoyed this too upahill

Really didn't like Shutter Island - Scorcese flopped big time with this one.

echt Sun 28-Nov-10 05:14:08

The Kids Are Alright - v.good.

RED - wot a larf; not great art, but who cares?

Let Me In - a not bad at all US version of Let the Right One In.

upahill Wed 22-Dec-10 12:33:13

I liked Strange Days. I knew much of the doors story but it was good to watch it and Johnny Depp's voice was easy to listen to.

Tamara Drew was funny
The Social Nework was interesting

This morning I have been to see MegaMind. Quite amusing and DS2 loved it.

Tonight I'm going to see the Arbour so I will let you know about that.

Francagoestohollywood Wed 22-Dec-10 12:44:18

The best movie I saw last year is an Italian movie, it is called
"L'uomo che verra'" and you might be able to find it with subtitles (it is subtitled in Italian too as it is all dialect).
It is the real story of one of the many massacres carried out by the Nazi in Italy to retaliate against partisans. It is harrowing, but a beautiful, poetic movie.

I also liked:
A Serious Man
The ghostwriter
The secret in their eyes, which won the Oscar as best foreign movie.

BeenBeta Wed 22-Dec-10 12:45:42

I enjoyed Toy Story 3 in 3D at the cinema with the DSs.

They loved it and the bit where the mother is sad when she sees her son's empty childhood room when he goes to college .... well I got a bit of popcorn in my eye at that point. blush

overthesea Mon 27-Dec-10 12:34:17

The Social Network
500 Days of Summer
Nowhere Boy
Twilight (a bit late in coming to this film but definitely my fave LOL)

illgetyoubutler Tue 28-Dec-10 17:06:08

Avatar...Absolutly loved it! Watched it 3 times now.
Shutter Island.
Curious Case of Benjamen Button...Such a love story...
Toy Story 3
Seven Pounds.
An Education.

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