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Exante/ VLCD For 3 weeks as a kick start?

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Tosnogornottosnog Mon 10-Oct-16 09:20:25

I've got an event in 3 weeks I would really like to look and feel a bit better attending.

Would a vlcd for 3 weeks then a regular diet after be a good plan for a quick start?

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Joysmum Mon 10-Oct-16 10:08:40

Depends on your personality type. As these boards show, we all have successes with different approaches to weight loss.

For me, I love Exante as it breaks my cycle of triggers and gets me started back on the right path again. In other words, it hits the reset button! It also helps that after day 4 I no longer feel hungry and because it's clear that I just have the 3 packs and stay well hydrated, I don't slip and can feel like I'm achieving.

I'd never advocate this as being the answer for everyone as we are all different. I'm of the type that like certainty and actions to be clear with easily definable success criteria that is measurable. Nutritionally complete meal replacement pack such as Exante or Cambridge tick all the boxes for me as I'm medically sound enough to do them.

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