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I'm new......... Is this right?

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Mrsmoneyworries Thu 03-Sep-15 11:54:49

Hi all

I'm planning on doing the 16:8 way of eating. I've had a read through various posts on here, and used both calculators suggested. They've come up with different figures,,,,,, it's completely baffled me, so any help appreciated............ said
BMR 1257 and TDEE 1508 said
BMR 1116 and TDEE 1340

Which do I follow? confused

TalkinPeace Thu 03-Sep-15 13:36:44

Hi there Mrs Money, we tend to like the one that Bigchoc links to at the top of the big thread - its stood the test of time

Come and pile in to the current big thread and you will be made welcome

BigChocFrenzy Thu 03-Sep-15 20:37:09

Hi MrsMoney My OP link is in fact to the fast diet one.
So, for you that's TDEE 1340.
Looks very low, so I presume you are short, (and maybe middle aged ? ) and set to sedentary for daily 16:8

Plenty of advice and friendly support on the main 52Thread56

Mrsmoneyworries Fri 04-Sep-15 11:35:16

Thanks Talkin, not sure I'd be able to keep up with the conversation on there. Bigger threads tend to lose me blush

Thanks BigChoc, yes, I'm only 4ft 11, only almost 40 and put myself down as sedentary.

I'll also check that thread out, I can't keep up with what I have/haven't read.

Mrsmoneyworries Fri 04-Sep-15 12:01:59

Also, I've read so much yet still (blush) don't fully understand the 16:8. I get that I fast for 16 hours and I eat within an 8 hour time frame. But, how many calories am I supposed to eat during those 8 hours.

Sorry if it's a really obvious question but I have numerous things going on in my life and new info just won't sink in.

TalkinPeace Fri 04-Sep-15 13:37:50

try this plan :

Monday : 500 calories - 50 if them in milk in tea during the day, 100 of them in lunch : just veg, 350 of them at supper
Tuesday : TDEE less 10% - 1/3 at lunch, 2/3 at supper
Wednesday : as Tuesday
Thursday : as Monday
Friday : TDEE - 1/3 at lunch, 2/3 at supper
Saturday : ignore all rules and limits and enjoy your food
Sunday : as Friday

that should give you a structure to slot your meals into smile

BigChocFrenzy Fri 04-Sep-15 18:44:51

MrsMoney You'd lose very well on talk's excellent 5:2 plan - many folk have lost weight on it.

However, if you just want to start with daily 16:8, without any fast days, then you do need to have a deficit over the week.
With your very low TDEE, that is tough, imo.

I suggest you try about 1200 cals per day for say 2 weeks, then review your progress. You need 2 weeks to see the real effect of any dietary or exercise changes.
After this, you can adjust that 1200 up or down, or go with Talk's plan.

Mrsmoneyworries Sat 05-Sep-15 09:24:30

Thank you both very much. At least the info is on my own little thread, which I can refer back to.

The 5:2 does seem to be a good choice for me also.

I do actually do exercise, it's just that I have depression/anxiety issues therefore some weeks are obviously better (or worse) than others.

Really appreciate your advice. Thank you. smile

TalkinPeace Sat 05-Sep-15 10:49:31

No worries,
The other thing to bear in mind is that 5:2 is for life, not just till target weight smile

So on an annual basis, maintaining at current weight I try to
fast strictly for 24 weeks
fast roughly for 24 weeks
ignore fasting completely for 4 weeks (holidays, Christmas etc)

as then I enjoy my life as best I can

which is also part of : one bad week does not ruin everything smile

Mrsmoneyworries Sat 05-Sep-15 17:17:17

Great way of thinking. I love it. And it completely suits me.

And I'm absolutely looking at a way of eating/life, which is why I won't diet.

Thank you.

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