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5:2 Recipe book for veggies -recommendations please!!!

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Snoopytwist Fri 30-May-14 10:56:49

I'm 3 weeks in to the 5:2 and loving it, but am beginning to get bored with lentil dal or veggie stew every fast day. I'm getting some great recipe ideas from the threads here, but could do with a recipe book on hand - but I don't want loads of recipes that include fish and meat - any suggestions of the best book please??

plecofjustice Fri 30-May-14 11:07:36

I've got several, but irritatingly they don't have calorie counts, so I have to work it out myself.

I use the following websites, all with veggie options and easy to calorie calculate via MyFitnessPal

TalkinPeace Sat 31-May-14 16:33:19

have a look at the recipes thread - lots of ideas there
and possibly have a look at BreadandWine's blog as he's a vegan foodie

BigChocFrenzy Sun 01-Jun-14 08:06:29

£1.99 Amazon Kindle books with FD recipes under 100, 200, 300, 400 cals:
SinglePortions and SlowCooker

Snoopytwist Fri 06-Jun-14 09:43:41

Thanks all - I'm spending the day (an eating day!) researching better recipes - ate green salad yesterday and I was REALLY fed up and grumpy about it!!!

Boleh Thu 19-Jun-14 15:55:23

I'm a nearly veggie (pescitarian) and have found that a lot of veggie recipes are FD compatible anyway if you avoid the obvious calorie bombs like cheese, cream and nuts, use a low cal spray oil for frying and serve with more veg rather than rice or pasta. For example a veggie stir fry with mounds of bean sprouts instead of noodles or butternut squash and cauliflower curry with broccoli.
Not really an answer to your question but I pretty much search online for recipes and go through my normal books and tweak as above, I also calorie count the recipes in MFP.

siblingrevelryagain Tue 24-Jun-14 16:49:36

Wanted to share one of my fast day 'recipes', so as it's veggie I can share it here. Absolute doddle (and allows you to have pasta!).

In slow cooker (on low for 7/8 hrs or high for 4):

4 cans chopped/plum toms
3/4 cloves garlic (or more or less, depending on preference)
1/2 tsp dried herbs (mixed, or oregano, or basil or combination)
Salt & pepper

Makes a great marinara sauce, when divided between 10 makes it 35 cals per serving. Add to 75g pasta (I use wholewheat as healthier and more filling, so might need to double check cals if using different), comes out at 290 cals.

This works if, like me, you prefer one 'big' meal of around 300 cals, as opposed to smaller snacks throughout the day.

lowfatvegan Mon 29-Sep-14 00:51:59

I don't know if you are still around OP but these are 2 books I found useful.

These are 2 books that tell you the nutritional information (including calories) of the portions (most of the recipes are for 4 so you would either need to cook a quarter of the recipe or do the lot and weigh out the portions).

Appetite for Reduction: Isa Chandra Moskowitz The recipes in this are great. Really nice flavour combinations, very good cooking and ingredient tips. I originally bought this when I was doing intermittent fasting ages ago but really liked the recipes so started using it a lot in general (though I am back doing fasting again for a little while anyway).

The Healthy Go Vegan Cookbook by Dr Neal Barnard and Robyn Webb. I haven't used this as much, partly as I like the other one so much. Some nice recipes (didn't like one but did like all the other ones I made from it). Really interesting fact boxes with information about the ingredients.

I did find with both books that some of the dishes were more filling per calorie than others so worth experimenting around with.

One thing I found really filling is a big tub of Soya Yougurt. The plain one I got was only 250 calories for the whole pot (50 calories per 100g, the pot was 500 grams) and was filling so sometimes I have this as one of my meals with a little fruit.

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