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Coming off Cerelle

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TeaDrinkingBumbleeBee Thu 20-Jun-19 10:15:13

Hiya, I've been on Cerelle (mini pill as I suffer from migraines) for a few years now (approx since 2014 I think)

I didn't really get any side effects, and mostly had no periods - but occasionally had super super light periods that lasted aaaaaaageessss...

Anyway, since about October I feel like I've been getting side effects. I'm more emotional, have bad skin, tired all the time, and have horrible dryness to the point where it's painful.

So I went to the drs and told her all this and she said maybe it's a good idea to give the pill a break. So far I've had no change, and still no periods.

Anyone been in this situation? Particularly with Cerelle or other mini pills?


TheStruth Thu 20-Jun-19 11:54:56

How old are you, could it be something else?
It's a long time to be on the medication for it to suddenly change I'd have thought!

TeaDrinkingBumbleeBee Thu 20-Jun-19 12:18:37

@TheStruth I'm 28, not sure what else it could be though! I agree - was on it for so long so weird that side effects are happening now.

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