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If you are over 40 are you on the combined pill?

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MeganChips Mon 12-Feb-18 20:30:14

I’m in a dilemma.

I spent many happy years hormone free after DH’s vasectomy but I need something at the moment to control my adenomyosis and very heavy perimenopausal bleeding. I have been using tranexemic acid which helps a bit but doesn’t control the pain.

I have tried Cerelle which gave me a 6 month long period but was otherwise ok mood wise and controlled the pain quite well. I just couldn’t take the constant bleeding.

More recently Zoely which made me feel very grey and numb and almost depressed. Plus the heavy periods and blood clots had to be seen to be believed, I couldn’t even drive home from work without flooding.

So now I’m wondering what to try next and have read about Loestrin 20 being low dose, well tolerated and good for heavy bleeding.

The doctors keep trying to push the Mirena on me but I had it before and it didn’t agree with me. Weight gain, discharge and another 6 month long period. I don’t think progesterone only agrees with me in general.

I am 44 and about half a stone overweight so I want something low dose. I don’t smoke and haven’t in years. I do vape but docs don’t seem concerned about this. Blood pressure is good, I have no family history to be concerned about and I am otherwise pretty fit.

Is anyone else in a similar situation and what do you use?

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