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Can I start taking the pill (microgynon) tonight and then take the MAP tomorrow??

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flowerpat Mon 09-Oct-17 19:50:32

I had unprotected sex yesterday morning (Sunday) and ordered EllaOne straight away. It's going to be delivered tomorrow morning so I will be taking it within 48-50 hours.

I was on microgynon up until last month when I decided to have a break from it whilst I'm single, but I still have an unopened pack. It will be at least 3 weeks before I can get an appointment with the nurse to get my next prescription so I was planning on starting to take this pack in the mean time.
I've googled and read it's ok to start taking the pill after you use EllaOne, but would I be ok to start taking it tonight even though I won't be taking the MAP until tomorrow.

I'm planning on seeing the guy again this weekend and although I will definitely use a condom this time I would rather start taking the pill sooner rather than later for peace of mind!

Thanks for any advice and I know I was stupid so don't need a bashing!!

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