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Long Wait For Termination, Going Mad

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PlentyOfBiscuitsWithTea Wed 12-Apr-17 17:55:10

DH and I, after a LOT of discussion, despite our feelings being the same since I POAS, have decided to have a termination. We have two young (preschool) DC already and it would mean a total life upheaval which I can't justify as not a single part of me feels an emotional connection to this pregnancy. We were using contraception and it failed. I have no idea how far I am as I can't for the life of me remember when my last period was but I estimate I am between 8-12 weeks. Aside from my GP feeling my abdomen and saying he didn't think I was past 13 wks as he couldn't feel my uterus no one seems in a rush to see me to get an appointment. I couldn't get a preassessment in person until 21st April (phoned up Marie Stopes last Tuesday) so ended up having one over the phone yesterday. I then booked the procedure for the nearest time, 28th April. This will mean I will be quite far along (I worry) and will have had to spend a month knowingly pregnant and until I can find out exactly how far along I am.
On top of the emotional turmoil I have horrible sickness, and I swear they suspect at work.
I have never, ever been so miserable as I am right now. I never realised what a horrific process this would all be. Is it always this long? I've always been pro-choice but never anticipated I would personally ever be in this situation.

traceysn3 Thu 13-Apr-17 06:49:01

that is a long time to wait! all i can think is that they are really busy! my sister had a termination as her husband cheated and left her with 2 young children! she went her doctors and they sent her to have her pre meeting a few days later and the follwing week she had her scan and 1st lot of tablets.

claraschu Thu 13-Apr-17 07:09:38

That is a terribly long time to wait OP. I am so sorry, as this must be hellish and utterly miserable.

If I were you, I would call twice a day to ask for a cancellation and to say how much you need an earlier date. I would be very polite and apologetic on the phone, but really let them know how difficult this is for you.

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