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What happened to my periods?!

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bangingmyheadoffabrickwall Fri 11-Nov-16 22:04:13

I started on desogesterol (mini pill - another brand of cerazette) about 12-15 months ago - can't remember exactly!

Anyways, I came off it at the very end of September because:
1. Fed up of contraceptives for the past 20 years
2. Made my hair fall out in clumps - so my hair is a lot thinner than it was.
3. Reduced sex drive
4. Acne
5. Mood swings - wanting to murder to the point of wanting to run away!

The thing is, exactly 14 days after I stopped the pill, I got my period. Heavier than it would normally be when I was pill free prior to conceiving and lasted a week. For both pregnancies I always had a 24 day cycle. Now my period is 'late'. Counting from the 1st day of my last period, I am 5 days late. i had what I thought was period pains a week ago which would have been 'correct' if I had started when I should have started. But nothing.

Is this normal - could it be that I have a period and then nothing for weeks/months?

I was surprised to get it because the last time I came off prior to conceiving it took exactly 9 weeks before my period came.

oh, we have been, successfully, using the barrier method. I say 'successfully' because we have had no issues using it.

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