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Do cheap ovulation test kits work?

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JudgyMcJudgypants Wed 24-Aug-16 10:30:27

Want to start trying for baby #2. I've had period problems for years. PCOS, periods lasting 4 months (heavy!), no periods for up to 10 months, they're basically all over the place. I conceived by first child naturally (still can't believe it!) and want to get going on trying for another.
Do cheap ovulation kits work?? I want to figure out when I actually ovulate.

homeaway Wed 24-Aug-16 10:40:37

Yes they do but I am not sure they work if you have pcos. You could try using a fertility app which might work better for and you. You take your temperature every morning before getting out of bed at the same time. It is not everyone's cup of tea but it would tell you for sure if you are ovulating. There is lots of info on the Web.

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