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Cerelle - your experiences please!

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Youvegottobekidding Tue 28-Jun-16 14:05:57

I've been perscribed the mini pill Cerelle, however, I have come across conflicting stories, bad and good (more bad!) about it. I'm a little reluctant in starting it, giving the side effects of what some people have experienced, although I do know everyone is different.

My periods are regular, yet over the last year they've become quite painful, I'm in my 40's and get terrible migraines around that time which is why my GP suggested I try Cerelle, but I'm just a bit reluctant in taking another tablet which may potentially give me more problems rather eliminating one!

julez12 Sun 25-Sep-16 22:30:07

has given me erratic periods & acne. im 30

MrsCummings Mon 31-Oct-16 10:44:55

I've been on it for 3 years, no problems at all, no bleeding, no weight gain, no mood swings or headaches... However, I stopped taking it a month ago as we are now TTC, and it's been awful! Sore boobs, holding water, crying at everything (literally given up watching TV). and still no visit from AF. Seems to take months to return to normal cycle, which is messing with my idea of handing a positive test to DH on xmas day! grr

I would use with care if you are planning on anymore small people smile

Jen6983 Thu 12-Jan-17 02:11:03

Hi, I've been on the pill just over a year, always cerazette until one day the pharmacist said they couldn't get it and have new cerelle. Still had no periods (yay) but horrible, horrible depression... I've never really understood the term "moodswing" as I'm generally pretty level but holy shit, literally 5 mins to 5 mins happy, crying freely, crippled with anxiety, wondering if I love my (flipping awesome) boyfriend or if I'd rather be alone, happy again... I thought I'd finally gone mad. The next prescription they handed me cerazette again and I was fine. 2 days ago the dreaded cerelle again and I'm a mess. Going to call and rant at my doctor if he won't change me back... I've already sourced it on the Internet I'm so desperate. Avoid cerelle! It's not the same, it's a lot cheaper.

Irritatedmama Thu 12-Jan-17 02:21:04

I'm on it and I've had 3 periods in a month!

IHaventStoppedCravingYet Sat 14-Jan-17 15:33:41

I've been taking it a month and got my period at the expected time. Pre pill it would usually last about 4 days. This one has been much lighter but a week now and no sign of letting up which is not great. My DP won't go there when I'm on so I was hoping for less not more!! Is this likely to settle down?? No other side effects.

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