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PCOS & Secondary Infertility.

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xxhxx Wed 25-May-16 22:21:21

I would like some advice if anybody has been in a similar situation?

Myself & my partner have a 3 year old child and would now like another baby, after trying to conceive not long after out first child was born we haven't gotten anywhere.

I have been diagnosed with PCOS and secondary infertility referred to gynaecologist for further testing and then possible medications.

My GP said we may need to have bloods/scans done again by them and the my partner have a sperm test - even though he is the father to our child. So it seems a bit pointless having all this done and is making me think the process is going to be so long and repetitive just for a prescription which other people seem to have had easier??

Has anybody else been in this situation, with secondary infertility or PCOS? X

Intotheclouds Thu 02-Jun-16 02:42:51

Hi, I have been in the exact boat. I fell pregnant with my oldest who is now 8 when I was 18, when myself and the dad got married me wanted another, 3 years down the line I found out I had pcos and we had to be sent off for these tests. Your DP's sperm test is to make sure there isn't anything happening with him aswel. I found that once we started with the tests it was only a couple months before we got onto treatment to help us concieve. Which may seem quite awhile to wait but when you have been trying for nearly 4 years, a couple months is nothing. I was given 6rounds of clomid and fell pregnant on the 6th round. Good luck with it all xx

scaevola Thu 02-Jun-16 08:53:32

You might want to get this moved to either 'Conception' or 'General Health' as you've posted in the contraception topic, which seems exactly the wrong place (and won't necessarily attract posters with the right expertise/experience to advise).

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