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Mirena Coil - anxiety and depression

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moggy123 Sun 17-Apr-16 15:02:31

Hi everyone, I had the coil fitted on friday but have just spent all morning in A&E waiting to have it removed. I suffer with anxiety and depression normally and i take citalipram to manage it. I have felt terrible the past 2 days. Panic attacks, high blood pressure, very low and upset. I put it down to the coil. Every doctor i saw tried to convince me the coil could not cause this but many women online it seems believe otherwise, including me. I had to literally beg the doc in A&E to pull the dam thing out. Relieved it is gone now and wish i had never tried it. I have low iron levels due to periods so many docs thought it would be good for me to try the coil. I will be going back and asking them to suggest something else! Has anyone else had side effects like mine? just curious. smile

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