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HELP! Contraception advice!

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adventuregal Thu 31-Mar-16 11:35:03

Hi, please can someone help me with choosing a contraception that will work...I feel I have reached my limit on bad contraception!!

I am 28 and have tried a lot of different contraception and nothing has worked for me.

-I can't have estrogen because my mum had breast cancer and I get migraines.

-I tried the depo-injection but ended up having my period for 3 months after the second injection.

-I tried progesterone only pills and had my irregular bleeding non stop for 6 months, so stopped taking that.

-I currently have the copper coil, I have persevered with it for over a year and my periods remain so heavy and so painful. They usually last 10 days including spotting, and when for the rest of the month I get irregular bleeding, discharge and painful cramps. So I tried metafonic acid to help reduce the bleeding, which does help but after my period has stopped for 3 days, it comes back!

My doctor tells me my options are :

-Try the progesterone only pill again
-Have the implant
-or the mirena coil

all of which she says there is no telling if they will work, and I might just keep having irregular bleeding!!

Can any one give me any advice, it would be greatly appreciated!

Sorry if this came out like a rant, i am just so frustrated and cannot wait for the day when the male pill is invented!

Thank you !!!!

dementedpixie Thu 31-Mar-16 12:22:57

There are several families of mini pill with different active ingredients so you may find a different one works better. I tried two that gave me fortnightly periods but the 3rd (cerazette) stopped them. I now have the mirena coil which has also stopped my periods.

What about the cervical cap/ diaphragm? Condoms/female condoms?

butteredmuffin Sat 02-Apr-16 19:58:08

I would try the implant or the mirena coil. I've had three implants now (for 9 years in total) and they've been ok for me. In the beginning I rarely ever had any bleeding. In recent years it's been more frequent, but not heavy or painful. I've never tried the miners coil but my friend who is a gynaecologist says it's what she and nearly all her colleagues use.

Obviously there's no telling whether either of these methods will work for you, but it's worth a try, particularly if getting pregnant would be out of the question for you right now. If you try and it's not for you, both of them are easy to remove.

butteredmuffin Sat 02-Apr-16 19:59:24

* mirena coil, not miners coil.

Thanks, autocorrect! ;)

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