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Does the MAP interact with the efficacy of the mini pill?

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BonnieBlueButler Sun 03-Jan-16 12:33:03

I take Cerelle and have been on it since September. My periods have stopped which is normal according to my GP and all I have read about it.

I take my pills on time, every day. This morning I have woken up with diarrhoea and I am terrified my pill won't work. My husband and I had sex last night.

I have a morning after pill in the house for emergencies. Should I take it? Will it interfer with my normal pill and stop it working now and in the next few days? Or will it, as I hope, work as added protection just in case my mini pill isn't working as it should due to my stomach upset?

I'm sorry if these questions sound naive. I'm really very paranoid about getting pregnant and am very scared right now. Any advice would be very welcome.

MiniJellyBeans Sun 03-Jan-16 17:43:27

Hi Bonnie

If the MAP you have in the house is Levonelle (levonorgestrel) then no, it wouldn't interact with or block your Cerelle. If it's Ella One (ulipristal) then it would.

The fact that your periods have stopped on Cerelle mean it's highly likely that Cerelle is completely inhibiting ovulation in your case (as it does in 97% of cycles on a population basis) - this is reassuring it terms of pregnancy risk. Advice about whether to take the MAP or not, and what to do in the next few days re. abstaining from sex etc, depends on various factors such as your usual time of pill taking and how severe the diarrhoea is, so if you want to PM me for specific advice you are very welcome.

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