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Lost copper coil! Anyone??

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noosmummy12 Sun 09-Nov-14 15:53:52

Hi all! I lost my threads in May after having the copper coil put in in March. I have waited 6 months for an app to have it removed (app 17th Nov!) After realising I couldn't get the time off work I had to rebook but was told id go to the end of the queue and was looking at march! So I went to the family planning clinic who tried to remove but couldn't get to it so I've been referred for a scan. Does anyone have any experience on how long it takes for a scan, what happens after etc and how long the process takes?? Me and oh want to ttc soon and im fed up of waiting! Thanks if you got this far!!

Beachmummy3 Thu 18-Dec-14 21:38:40

Hi, just to say mine was in 2 years then lots of sharp tummy pains.... A year on wanted it removed to ttc. No one could find it (ouch). It had perforated my uterus etc. ultrasound couldn't find it but X-ray did. The whole process only took a few months from not finding it to the op to remove it. Never again.
Fell pregnant the same month it was removed though smile

Beachmummy3 Thu 18-Dec-14 21:40:41

.... I don't believe it's common though, perhaps yours has just moved further up?
It must be rare as everytime the gp I saw 2nd sees me, she tells every other Dr all the details off the top of her head- 3 years on!

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