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Pregnant with copper coil - what to try next time?

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sammyad Wed 07-May-14 15:08:17

So I'm currently six months pregnant with our unexpected surprise... I had the copper coil fitted because when I've been on the pill in the past it has played havoc with everything - moods, weight gain, low sex drive - and so I wanted to avoid hormonal contraception altogether.
DP and I relied on condoms for a while when we first got together, then when it looked like we were in it for the long haul I did some research and thought the coil sounded brilliant - was very happy with the purported reliability etc. I checked it religiously every month - it never moved out of place, and the midwife and gynaecologist are still drawing a total blank on how baby actually happened... hmm
Anyway - starting to think about what to do next time round. Much as this baby will be loved and is very much wanted now he's on the way, I REALLY cannot afford to get pregnant again in the next few years as am in the middle of a graduate medical degree which will never bloody get finished if I have to take more time off, quite apart from the financial implications.
DP and I are now (I think understandably) a bit dubious about the coil - but is that silly? I mean we've had our tiny percentage chance happen - surely won't happen twice etc. Or should I bite the bullet and try hormonal contraception again? Reluctant to rely on condoms both because of the expense and hassle and because DP used to get occasional ED, which has totally resolved since not using them any more.
Celibacy is looking more and more appealing...

Fandangos Fri 09-May-14 19:54:33

Hi, I have no advice for you, as I'm just looking into the coil(!), but just wanted to say I understand why you're reluctant to carry on with the coil.

All the best with the baby and studies.

LegoCaltrops Fri 09-May-14 19:56:51

Can you double up next time, coil & a diaphragm perhaps?

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