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Contraception advice needed

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TwistedFairytales Fri 13-Sep-13 00:55:15

Hi all, Im having a nightmare with my cycles and contraception and not sure what to use.

I was put on cerazette 8 weeks after having my second son (in June last year). I came off it in April as I was fed up of constant spotting. I had a break for around 4 months but in that time I was having migraines in the build up to every period and my ovulation pains were immensely uncomfortable and painful, feeling bloated, in pain, sweaty and generally unwell for around 4 days. The migraines could drag on for over a week, then I was bleeding for around 6 days. So I was only really getting a week at best per cycle where I felt normal!

I went back on the pill 3 weeks ago and have been spotting for the last week. Ive also been feeling anxious and having mood swings and after some research Ive realised that this pill was making me feel like this the whole of the time I was on it before too.

So Ive decided to come off it, Im not going back on it again. But now Im stuck. I cant do the pill as this was the only one I could have due to my migraines. If we just used condoms Im feeling like crap most of the month. The coil is still hormonal based so Im not sure if this will have similar affects on me to the pill.

I dont know where else to go does anyone have any suggestions? I dont know what to use. We werent very good at using condoms before DH was pulling out but this wasnt very satisfying for either of us.

cookiecraving Fri 13-Sep-13 14:13:49

Have you considered the copper coil? It is a bit less reliable than Mirena, but better than condoms. Can make periods heavier but no hormones.

Otherwise, there is sterilisation (for you or your DH) or you could consider a fertility awareness based method, but they have much higher failure rates.

Lorelei353 Fri 13-Sep-13 14:17:25

Have you tried other mini-pills? I was a raving, hormonal lunatic on Micronor but was much better on Cerazette. I've heard other people feel the opposite.

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