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After implanon

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SafiaAngel Mon 19-Aug-13 23:57:37

Hi all
Just wanted to hear some experiences about after implanon removal, if anyone has had the same symptoms etc as what I'm having now. Sorry in advance if I go into too much gross detail lol. Here goes... I had implanon fitted 2010 few months after the birth of my 3rd child I've got on ok with it but because of weight gain I wouldn't choose to have an implant again. Well I thought my impanon Was due out 21st of July had this date stuck in my head and i was on holiday at the time so when I got back gave the drs a call and they said it was due out 7th June!! ( they really should send a reminder) so I booked into the clinic and the nurse removed it and said there's a chance it could still be working at % and its unlikely but not impossible that I would have conceived however she wanted to do a pregnancy test every few days before me having a copper coil fitted. Last test was negative which was a week ago. And I'm due to have coil fitted in a few days with one more test to make sure. It would be then a month since I had last had unprotected sex. I rarely had any periods while I implanon, and I've yet to have one since removal however the past few days i have has tons of discharge started off white and thin amd now its load of clear some days very sticky other days more like jelly and now I'm having odd spots of brown blood along with the jelly, I'm wondering if this is normal discharge and its just my body trying to get back to normal ? I've had jelly when I've been pregant but I've never noticed it when I haven't been slightly worried after reading about implantation bleed :/ sorry for the essay lol

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