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When can you get the mirena coil fitted? Also a few questions about it.

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CherryPie3 Fri 26-Apr-13 15:39:05

I had my 4th Depo Provera jab on Monday but I was 13 days late with it (hoping I'll still be covered?)

I've never had my jab on time so it's a wonder I'm not bloody pregnant!

This is the reason I'm thinking about the mirena. Can I have it fitted while Depo is in my system? Say the week before my next jab is due?

- How big is it?
- Who puts it in? -
What's the process? (Doctor/nurse/
- Is it free?

I've heard they come out easily, sometimes unnoticed! How common is this? It happened to my friend and she had no idea - was she an odd one?

Anything else I need to consider?

Thanks smile

CherryPie3 Thu 02-May-13 12:09:33

Thank you dalia and tallyra smile

It's good to know that it isn't painful for everyone although I think I'll be taking anadin or similar beforehand.

Will I have any side effects from double hormones do you think? My next jab is due mid July but will be on holiday beforehand. So that's why I was thinking of getting it fitted in June. (We travel 30th June).

I don't mind the side effects if it's mood swings etc, I'd just like to warn dh! grin

Tallyra Thu 02-May-13 11:43:16

I have had one fitted 3 times and removed for TTC each time. I don't remember my periods stopping!!!
After no 2 was fitted I had to go back to get the strings trimmed as it was hurting dh, but that's the only problem I've had. I have slight depressive tendencies but not noticed much difference with it without. I have no dcs and never had it inserted during a period. there were cramps afterwards but it wasn't particularly worrisome.

Dahlialover Thu 02-May-13 11:30:41

I think the perforation rate is under 1 in 1000. With an experienced practicioner, it should be near enough zilch.

I have been trying to find out as I knew someone who had that problem and I was worried about it happening to me. She had to have an op to remove it and got sterilised at the same time.

OrangeLily Thu 02-May-13 11:10:51

It was a while ago now but the clinic told me that they had never had it go wrong. Then mines went wrong! I doubt they now tell people they have had it go wrong but I always make sure I tell people so they at least have the right info.

CherryPie3 Thu 02-May-13 08:36:09

I'm sorry you had a terrible experience.

Warned you about my typing didn't I? grin

CherryPie3 Thu 02-May-13 08:30:33

So, going back to original discussion, I think I'll be ringing the gp in June to see about having it fitted. I know in some cases it can go wrong - orangelily I'm you had a terrible experience, hope you are ok now.

An I right in thinking its the mirena that has strings? As long as you can feel them it's still there.
But will dh be able to feel them when we, you know...blush

It still sounds best for me I think, there shoul be less forgetfulness with a 5yr stretch, no remembering jab dates smile

CherryPie3 Thu 02-May-13 07:41:30

Bit of good news....tested BFN this morning.

Never EVER thought I'd hear my broody self say that! It feels a bit disappointing in a way actually.

But husband will be happy.

CherryPie3 Thu 02-May-13 07:20:54

Sidge I would be quite surprised too! Starting to believe it was an evap line but will still retest. I bought several tests yesterday as I'd noticed I was starting to feel different. Everything seems to make me retch at the minute but it could be down a this sick bug I've heard about. As for tired was, I'm always tired running after my 2yr old!

Also have just checked my Depo dates and I had it on the 14th day after it was due, so at 14wks.
Husband will hit the roof if I am so hoping I'm not!!

Will keep you posted!

Sidge Wed 01-May-13 20:27:39

Depo can be given up to 14 weeks since the last with continued cover so if you are pregnant I would be quite surprised. Of course stranger things can happen!

Hope you find out soon.

OrangeLily Wed 01-May-13 20:14:47

It's also very unusual for the coil to go wrong but mines went wrong and landed me in hospital a partially perforated uterus. Nice. Still angry. confused

I know someone else who became very ill with it too.

But then the whole pregnancy thing may need sorted first shock

CherryPie3 Wed 01-May-13 20:06:18

This is great news thanks! That's what I wanted to know really. However...I have (I think) tested positive on a pregnancy test. Which scuppers things a bit, one very strong pink line ad one very very faint pink line. Hoping its an evap line for my husbands sake but in my understanding evap lines tend to be grey.

Will be retesting in a week, I've had a false positive before 2 years ago, maybe this is another.

Don't know whether to be happy or sad or what to think. Everything seems to be a pregnancy symptom now but can also be explained away. Tiredness: I was awake at 5 (unusual for me but hey...)
Nausea: there is a bug going around I've heard...

My Depo was 13 days late, nurse that administered said this wouldn't cause any problems with my 'cover' - I made a point of asking.

Never simple.

Sidge Wed 01-May-13 18:28:15

I don't see why they'd want you to wait for your periods to return - if you've had depo you could be waiting many months and then the risk of pregnancy is always present. There's no reason you can't have it fitted as your depo is due, then there's no risk of pregnancy.

If they do suggest that tell them not to be so daft wink

CherryPie3 Wed 01-May-13 16:06:14

Aaah grandpoohbah That's reassuring to hear smile thank you xx

CherryPie3 Wed 01-May-13 16:04:31

Oops. weegiemum

Terrible typing strikes again...

GrandPoohBah Wed 01-May-13 16:01:49

I have depressive tendencies and having a coil hasn't made it any better or worse. I also didn't get any periods when I had it in smile

CherryPie3 Wed 01-May-13 15:54:39

Ooh *weegiemum^, missed your post!
Oh my what a surprise you got there!! smile

CherryPie3 Wed 01-May-13 15:52:33

Oh dear mumto, that sounds awful, hope they manage to find it! Or at least confirm it as missing and offer some help.

Yoni no periods for 5 years? I thought you still got them so that's a bonus! grin although I don't get then currently so it won't change so much smile

Sidge Thank you, gold mine of info there. I think I will ring my gp and see what the procedure is there.

If they'd prefer me to wait for y periods to return I don't mind, it just means reverting to condoms and I don't like them. I can't even offer a reasonable explanation why I don't. I just don't hmm

Thanks again smile x

Weegiemum Wed 01-May-13 15:23:21

I had a mirena and I bloody loved it. No periods, no migraines, no side effects at all.

Then I got a letter from the doctors saying as they hadn't done a smear on insertion (I was still passing some lochia after ds was born) I was due a smear. The smear caught my threads and pulled the coil into the top of my cervix. I didn't feel it.

A couple of weeks later I had a migraine, which was odd as I hadn't had one for months (my migraines were very much hormone related) and I thought it wasn't quite right. Doctor was a bit dismissive and referred me for ultrasound to check it was in he right place.

While waiting for the scan we all came down with d&v - everyone got better except me. After a week of puking I phoned dh at work and said "I'm pregnant!". He scoffed but promised to bring a test home. I was pg! Had coil removed the next day and dd2 is now 9.

Dh had the snip after that!

mumto2crazygals Wed 01-May-13 15:14:13

I've just posted about this earlier as I'm having no end of problems with mine. Excessive bleeding/clots, severe depression, tiredness, feeling cold, sleeping more, crying all the time - all in just 8 weeks since I've had it. AND ITS LOST! Mine may have been passed in one of the huge clots i passed, so i have to have a scan to check next week and am panick stricken i may be pregnant now.
If you have ANY type of past anxiety or depression issues, google Mirena and depression first for all the info the Doctors DONT tell you!! You'll find hundreds of women like me posting the same symptoms and many of them find the extra hormone just makes them too poorly to continue using it and have to have it removed.

YoniAsOldAsYoFeel Tue 30-Apr-13 16:30:10

I had some local anaesthetic gel stuff put in this time too, to numb it a bit.

YoniAsOldAsYoFeel Tue 30-Apr-13 16:29:07

I think they prefer to put your first one in when you've got your period to be sure you're not pregnant. I'm on my second one and if I'm honest, the pain of having it put in and the cramps afterwards are totally offset by not having periods for five years grin

Sidge Tue 30-Apr-13 16:27:38

You can have a Mirena fitted at any time, it's just easier to do it when you have your period because a, we know for sure you're not pregnant and b, the cervix is slightly open making insertion a little easier. It's not especially yucky and insertion can cause slight bleeding anyway, so not noticeable if you have your period!

Ask your GP surgery if they do fittings; some do, some don't but if they don't they may have a reciprocal agreement with another surgery where you can go and get it done. Otherwise a Contraception and Sexual Health clinic can do them, but usually by appointment rather than drop-in.

We would fit a coil up to a week before your depo "runs out" or up to 14 days after but not before or beyond that. Different areas may have different protocols.

It can be uncomfortable to have one fitted and you may want to take painkillers before you go. It's very unusual for them to come out, especially without noticing!

CherryPie3 Tue 30-Apr-13 16:24:59

(Sorry for my typos, I'm renowned for them! I blame the iPhone...)

CherryPie3 Tue 30-Apr-13 16:22:23

Thank you for your replies smile

I have 3 children already and while I would very much like another, dh wouldn't so I went in Depo. I'm jut so crap at remembering to actually go and get the jab that in worried I'll fall pregnant in the gap between (unlikely I know but still a possibility, you do hear those stories don't you... There's the "I didn't know I was pregnant" tv show too. Scares the life out of dh haha.

I didn't realise they preferred to do it while on your period, that seems a bit yuck to me.
Is there no hope of getting the mirena before my next jab is due then? I was wondering if I could overlap then m by a few days to stay covered. If I have to wait then that's fine too, I just think it will take a while for my periods come back.

GrandPoohBah Mon 29-Apr-13 13:47:51


It's tiny, about the size of a matchstick but in the shape of a T. It's free, most GP surgeries have a dr trained in insertion but otherwise give your local family planning clinic a call. Sometimes it's a walk in, sometimes you need an appt.

They like you to have a chlamidya test first as the coil can exacerbate any existing infections and increase the area infected. They suggest you have it put in during your period as your cervix is slightly open and theoretically it'll hurt less. If you haven't had children it is likely to smart a lot more, post birth your cervix is never as tightly shut so it's easier to get in.

I had two before I had dd and I've recently had another put in. I love it, it's just easy and convenient. Pre-DC it was a bit painful for insertion, maybe 10 secs of 'oh fuck that hurts', then 4 hours of period like cramps. Post-DC, I barely felt it and was mildly crampy for about an hour afterwards - but hammed it up as DH was waiting on me hand and foot wink

It's not a quick process, in as much as they're likely to want you to have an initial consultation and then wait for your next period but it is worth it IMO.

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