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Condom problems!

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Dahlialover Wed 27-Feb-13 13:59:01

I bought some recently that were too small too sad

Vegeeta Wed 27-Feb-13 11:18:22

Hello to one and all, I feel so odd posting about this but I didn't really know where to go with this so....

My DW and I have 2 children and we don't want anymore! I'm on the waiting list for a vasectomy. After a loooooong time of not using them, I bought some condoms so we could rock the kasbah without fear of reprisals. My problem is this and I hope that someone can tell me if its just me or not:

I couldn't feel a damned thing whatsoever! Have condoms changed or is it a sizing issue? It felt really tight when I put it on but I almost lost my wood after a while wearing it as I literally couldn't feel a thing!

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