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when will me period return after stopping micronor??

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cheapandchic Thu 13-Sep-12 09:29:54

I am on micronor and still no periods, even though stopped kinda the opposite of you. I think the pill is stopping my periods.

However I just thought I would tell you that for me...twice, my periods did not come back until I stopped breastfeeding altogether, and I was not using any pills! I think its the breastfeeding that is stopping you.
Every woman is different, some get periods two months after giving birth and some like me get no periods till breastfeeding stops.
go to and read all about conceiving while feeding...there are good facts there!

Red81 Thu 30-Aug-12 18:43:51

Hi I stopped taking micronor 12 weeks ago and still havent had a period?? I do still bf my lo but only 2 / 3 times a day so thought it would have returned by now, is this normal anyone else experienced it? we are ttc so worried that this will make it difficult to happen

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