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1st period after copper coil fitted 8 months ago

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caesar04 Sat 24-Sep-11 15:22:39

......and I can't remember if Dr said anything about what sanitary product I could use.
Am sure I have read tampons are not recommended as might catch on strings? Have been looking online but lots of contradicting advice.

Was thinking about trying a mooncup but does that have the same problem?

Would not be too happy to use towels for the rest of my menstrual life, I've only ever used them after the childbirth, used a tampon right from my first period.

Am not usually this in attentive at docs, I had it fitted at my 6 week post natal check...was not really with it!!

Thanks x x

QueenStromba Sat 24-Sep-11 17:00:57

A mooncup wouldn't catch on the strings because it sits a lot lower than a tampon and I highly recommend them.

caesar04 Sun 25-Sep-11 09:02:13

Thanks for reply QueenStromba.

Bought tampons yesterday but have been perusing mooncup site online.

Do you know if that's the only place to buy mooncups? Can you buy in chemists etc...?

Ta x

caesar04 Sun 25-Sep-11 09:14:56

Never mind Queen...have taken the plunge and ordered online.

Am true Mumsnetter now!!!

Thanks for response.

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