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Time off for music exsms

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2ndSopranos Fri 27-Oct-17 14:43:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

2ndSopranos Fri 27-Oct-17 14:45:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BeyondThePage Fri 27-Oct-17 14:47:59

we have always taken DD out for exams based on convenience to her - if it is most convenient to skip registration, we would - and have - skipped.

The school know it is for an exam, can't honestly say we gave a monkey's what reason they put on the register.

2ndSopranos Fri 27-Oct-17 14:50:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

catkind Fri 27-Oct-17 15:02:09

It's in school's interests to put it as educated otherwise or whatever the code is - it's their attendance statistics. Shouldn't be a problem.

AlexanderHamilton Fri 27-Oct-17 15:39:19

I have always taken mine out for music, drama & dance exams. i justvused to write informing school they would be absent & the reason. I never asked what code they used.

2014newme Fri 27-Oct-17 15:41:41

They get authorised for the time off.

2014newme Fri 27-Oct-17 15:42:17

There are children at our school who only attend mornings due to extra curricular training in afternoon so I would not worry about one morning off!

Icouldbeknitting Fri 27-Oct-17 19:41:20

I tried to make sure he was there for the register even if he had to immediately leave but if you can't do it then you can't do it. In your shoes I would write a note informing them that she will miss registration because of attending an exam and then forget about it.

If you're thinking you could "just about do it" after registration - no, just no. All you need is temporary traffic lights or a tractor and then you're late.

Minimusiciansmama Fri 27-Oct-17 21:36:12

We have had the absences authorised when we have had time off for festivals or exams. I don't know what code they put it under for those. I do know for music for youth it was education off site as it was a council coordinated activity.

Trumpetboysmum Sat 28-Oct-17 09:52:21

Ds had the equivalent of a week out of school last year for music activities and auditions . He never attended registration we just filled in the form so that it was official . I have no idea what code they put on the register and see that as more of their problem than ours . I really don't think it will be a problem and if school kicked up a fuss I would take him anyway. Dd ended up having a week off school before half term because of illness and was really stressed because they reward attendance at her school - she was incredibly unwell we both work so only take time off if we have to- personally I think the whole school attendance thing has gone over the top . I wouldn't worry about it as long as they are there most of the time.

nonicknameseemsavailable Sat 28-Oct-17 15:23:01

we have missed registration for exams or shows (licenced) and school have always been very supportive. they are only in primary school and to be honest even in secondary school exams are a valuable experience for the children. It goes down as authorised absence.

raspberryrippleicecream Mon 30-Oct-17 00:25:03

I'd agree its more likely to be authorised absence than education off site, though you may be lucky. Honestly, its really not worth stressing over.

Incidentally, though DC's (secondary) school would also put it down as authorised absence I've never found it an indicator that they are unsupportive of musical activities, including whole days out.

flowery Mon 30-Oct-17 00:31:25

I just submit an absence request form for ours and it gets authorised no problem.

ferrier Mon 30-Oct-17 00:41:42

For some reason an absence for a music/drama etc exam is recorded as an authorised absence but absence for attendance at a sporting event gets a special code and is counted as an attendance.

MaudAndOtherPoems Mon 30-Oct-17 00:49:19

Dc's secondary school (which is very much against absence) uses "educated off site" for dance, and I guess music, exams.

nonicknameseemsavailable Mon 30-Oct-17 11:00:46

official guidance for codes is that it can only be educated offsite if it is a school organised or acompanied activity. Obviously schools interpret things in different ways but that is the info on the how to use codes documentation. I have it bookmarked somewhere, will see if I can find it but am pretty sure that is what it says. so if they are off school for three days of inter schools football tournament then that is educated offsite, a school trip to watch panto is educated off site. competing internationally or appearin in panto is authorised absence.

ferrier Tue 31-Oct-17 01:44:58

Ah - I didn't realise there was supposed to be a distinction between types of sporting activity. Might check my son's attendance registers - see how they have recorded it. It does seem a bit off that an approved activity, be it representative sport or music exam etc gets recorded as an absence.

Moominmammacat Tue 31-Oct-17 15:55:32

Mine never attended assembly/form time in their local comp, allowed to go straight to practice room.

AlexandraLeaving Wed 01-Nov-17 18:45:37

It’s always been recorded as educated off site for my son, irrespective of whether he’s been entered by School (tho exams usually weekend), borough or private teacher. Judging by PP we have been lucky.

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