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Two different swimming lessons?

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catkind Sat 13-May-17 17:57:01

Would it be bonkers to have DC in two different swimming lessons?

DS ended up doing two - we thought temporarily - as we couldn't schedule a lesson at his normal swim school, so we signed up at the local leisure centre instead. But then a slot did come up and we'd already paid the term at the leisure centre so kept using it.

It's very different - more challenging in some ways, they warm up with 2 x25m lengths of each stroke, but a bigger group and less technique instruction. Normal school is a 12m pool and rarely cover more than one or two strokes in a lesson.

I'm thinking that when DS gets older swimming in a small pool is going to be daft, so we'll want to move across at some point anyway.
But his technique isn't great so he still needs the smaller lessons too I think. (Not that he's ever going to be a competitive swimmer or anything, but in a "do your best and don't get frustrated" sense.)
Now DD is asking to do more swimming too. Which kind of makes sense if she's dragged along watching DS anyway.

Neither of them is into competitive sport, so keen to encourage a keep fit sport that they do like, and I don't mind paying for the extra sessions. (Leisure centre ones are quite cheap anyway.)

Any obvious drawbacks?

robinia Sat 13-May-17 17:59:16

My ds does two different classes. Like yours, he's not much into sports and it least it gives him some more exercise.
No drawbacks that I've noticed.

catkind Sun 14-May-17 00:18:33

That sounds positive, thanks robinia.

NorthumbrianGirl Mon 15-May-17 12:13:23

If he enjoys it I can't see any reason why not.

SisterMoonshine Mon 15-May-17 12:53:04

Surely with swimming it's the more the better.
If he's happy and it's ok money wise I'd stick with it.

catkind Mon 15-May-17 15:34:40

Great. I guess I was worried that they might teach different technique or it might upset the teachers or something. Music is my thing and a music teacher would be Not Impressed if they had a different teacher too!

smellyboot Mon 15-May-17 19:08:57

With sports its often good to get different teachers etc and mix up coaching styles. More practice of any sort generally good, so cant see a down side

QueenofLouisiana Thu 15-Jun-17 23:13:15

A mixture of stamina and stroke technique is vital for swimmers, so it's a great mix. DS swims in open water for stamina and strength, two sessions a week on stroke, another 2 in the pool for distance. All needed as a package.

If they are enjoying it and not bankrupting you, go for it!

SexNamesRFab Thu 15-Jun-17 23:28:12

DD8yo goes swimming with school (big class lesson, in middle group do not pushed particularly hard) and also private lessons at the weekend (only 5 of them, much more intensive).

I think it's really good for her - but I am biased as I LOVE swimming and really want her to love it too.

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