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Cimarosa - help?

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pugsandseals Mon 24-Oct-16 16:12:56

Hi - looking for string parts for the Cimarosa Oboe Concerto for dd to perform with string ensemble. Boosey & Hawkes have been about as useful as a wet blanket (sent me a link to the piano part) & imslp no good either. It obviously exists somewhere in the world as there are many recordings for oboe & strings! Ideas anyone?

Ferguson Mon 24-Oct-16 20:05:00

Maybe it's not that straight forward!

It WAS originally arranged for oboe and strings, but now it seems only the piano accompaniment part is available?

There is a Canadian PDF version to download, but I'm not even sure if that is the strings version.

You will have to get some clever person to expand the piano score to strings! It MIGHT be possible via a professional version of Sibelius Software; if I find any more information I'll let you know.

Ferguson Mon 24-Oct-16 20:12:15

And here is a bit more (possibly) -

pugsandseals Mon 24-Oct-16 20:37:35

It would seem I am looking for something particularly difficult confused

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